L’Atelier Du Vin Label Book

L’Atelier Du Vin Label Book
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Product: 1 L’Atelier Du Vin Label Book

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This looks reasonably neat, but I’ve been happy just posting my tasting notes to a LiveJournal where I can go back and read them.

I’ve seen these for $35 each. Sucker me up.

Is it too late to ask for the Wellington back?

just throwing in my two cents: I would really love it if wine.woot! offs behaved like the weekly wine.woot! offerings of two wines, one wine-related item, and so on… or, you know, maybe a majority of wine during woot! offs. or… just wine? any help here?

not that this doesn’t seem to be a perfectly lovely and desirable item!!

Think of it as a bone thrown to us unlucky ones…

Though, while we are talking about things we have no control over, a Barrel Of Chardonnay would be kinda cool.

If Woot wants to drive traffic, curiousity-seekers anyway, to WW (who might subsequently become buyers), I would think they would want a Barrel of Cabernet to show up some non-WootOff night only on WW, then start publicizing across the other Woot platforms what had transpired as soon as the Barrel of C sells out. A bunch of people would go check out WW and some are likely to return as future purchasers.

Great idea about the Bottle of Champagne but you might also consider this to be a sac de merde.

A Box of Crabs on either site might be nice right now…

Are the illustrations in French too?

In for two. Perfect gift for the parents going on a river cruise in France, the second will make a great addition to a wedding gift basket I’m compiling…

No, but they will work on a mac.

I’ve also just learned from the filters to be careful of anyone offering me food from their dick.

And, for the record, I am amused by my avatar, but I am not a blonde, but green is my favorite color!

What is this? I can’t drink this!

book em Danno

Vous devriez me faire sauter. Ou me lécher. Ou tout simplement me donner un sac de merde. Je suis un cheval!

So this just opens to either the french side or the english side?

Wow, war das sehr verrücktes Französisch. Sie müssen entspannen.

and from your picture I thought you were an ass :sunglasses: