L’Atelier Du Vin Label Book

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your son looks a lot like wooters.us

L’Atelier Du Vin Label Book [New] - $11.99 + $5 shipping shipping

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I’m just not this dork…I should be but I’m not.

Any guesses on first purchase? I give it twelve minutes.

Oh Lord. Maybe they’ll sell faster if they autograph each copy.

If Woot covers shipping to here and back, I’ll happily sign every copy with a different snarky wine-snobby comment.

They’ve sold one. In Nevada. Wine Woot killah!

I was just reading the reviews on the cuvee
and then got slammed by this when I was going to sign on.I guess snooze you lose

it’s still available!

So, from what I can tell, this is cellar tracker for the rpm generation.

Err…ahhh…right…I’ll order 250 so we can get on to the next one…

bah…stupid me, but how do you know how many are left?

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Just a guess…maybe 2500? I ain’t got coin for that…grrrrrr

I’m going to fall asleep before the next one!! UGH

If you like military history look at the new Woot.com choice. $1.29 shipped for “WW2 Theaters of War” when I used my $5 woot coupon. H ell z yeah!

wootalyzer’s time left estimate has been worrying me a lot during this wine wootoff…they estimate 4 hours currently on the book…I want to use my coupon on an awesome wine deal but nothing has struck my fancy yet!

i like how the book “helps you…to find the right words and expressions for wine tasting.” This is probably so you can at least sound like you know what you are talking about…

Not as dork as book, wine ring and the thermometer all together… now that’s real dork…

“Overwhelming sulfurous emanation, with a slight weaselly aftertaste and hiccup-inducing afterburn.”