L’Atelier du Vin Silver Wine Ring - 2 Pack

L’Atelier du Vin Silver Wine Ring - 2 Pack
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PRODUCT: 1 L’Atelier du Vin Silver Wine Ring 2 Pack

Well, may as well hop on the subway and head home. This item could be around for a while. Hope I don’t miss anything irresistible while en route.

For the ayenal retentive who doesn’t have a napkin? When I’m worried about this then I’ve surely made it big…but not so big that I’ve got a wine steward to serve me properly and sommelier to watch over the steward.

Next up - adult bibs with dribble reservoirs! :wink:

Isn’t it easier just to lick the side of the bottle before the drops hit the tablecloth?

These do seem handy, but I prefer pourers like these – inexpensive (about the same price), reasonably attractive, and they work very well.


I’m not sure I see the need for something like this. I never have a problem making a liquid tight seal around the bottle with my mouth…


Why waste it right?

Ok that’s a bit odd, it has a list of ship to states despite the fact that its not wine. For none wine items the list of states isn’t usually even part of the listing text.

this is exactly what I do… as long as guests aren’t in attendance.

First sucker just because they are cute! They dress up the bottle–who says wine doesn’t deserve a little bling?

I purchased some of these in advance of a party and they turned out to be complete garbage. The necessary-to-stop-the drips felt was poorly glued on, leaving gaps, or had fallen off entirely before they had even arrived.

I’m usually happy with my Wine.Woot purchases, but this one I regret.

That is simply uncouth.
<-- Totally do it too.

I typically wipe the drops off on my finger and then transfer to my mouth. The direct approach would probably be more efficient.

This would make more sense if they were refurbs.

I think like 2 states actually prohibit various alcohol related equipment.

I know I saw some earlier on another website when I was looking at wine coolers.

Doubt these are prohibited anywhere but…