L’Atelier du Vin Silver Wine Ring - 2 Pack

L’Atelier du Vin Silver Wine Ring - 2 Pack
$4.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 L’Atelier du Vin Silver Wine Ring 2 Pack

Well, this should give me enough time to get home without missing anything.

This is certainly a $10 test to see how many Wooters out there have never heard of a paper towel.


And if you buy this, buy all 3 sets … since the foam doesn’t really soak up that many drips before it drips thru. We had that happen at our SoCal gathering.

If you have 3 sets, you can swap them out, 2 per bottle of wine, while rinsing the other out.

This can be delivered to any of the continental United States! (Yes I had to sing 50 Nifty United States to verify!)

My co-workers must think I’m nuts.

You read my mind. :wink:

No shipping to Puerto Rico? Egads!

Well, having this around the bottle neck looks much classier than having a paper towel tied there! :tongue:

You drip that much wine?

why the ‘tediously slow’ delivery times to some states?

Not sure I would use this - I normally lick the bottle after pouring.

Now that’s stuck in my head! :slight_smile:

Instead of collecting drops, just stop them altogether. I use the Dropstop that I picked up from a winery. 2 pack for about $5. They work great, easy to clean and pour the wine beautifully.


I suppose if you were grossed out by my last comment you could have your cat or dog lick the bottle after pouring.

Good stocking stuffer, save for the holidays. (May take that long to get it!)

Hopefully their product is better than their horrible photoshopped drips


I suppose this could be useful for coq au vin

Not me, I lick it first! But it didn’t seem to take all that long before it was leaking down.