L5 Universal Remote for iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad

Does it come with an iphone?

Does it work as a remote for media playback on the PS3 or Xbox 360? The dedicated remotes for those things are already more than I’d pay for this sucker.

I always knew the iPad would make an awesome remote controller!

This sounds like an awesome device but does it really work? Really?

Will this work for an xbox 360?

Making your $200 plus device worth a mere $20, the iUniversalRemote! Game=changed!

$45.31 and 4.5 star average on Amazon with nearly 50 reviews. Seems like a good deal. I want. :slight_smile:


will this work with a mac?

Fact sheet: L5remote.com

According to the fact sheet, yes it will work for an xbox 360

google cache if it gets hammered:


But then you’ll have to remember where you put that tiny little dongle, because I am assuming you won’t want it to stay in your ipad/phone at all times. And if you think you have a hard enough time keeping track of a 3 X 7 inch remote control…

4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon

works only with devices that communicate with IR. so it wont work with a PS3, which connects with bluetooth. however it will work with the xbox 360

Yes, great reviews on Amazon and more than 50% off their price! In for one!

"Hey, you’ll never believe the latest craptacular gadget I just got from Woot™.

Damn it, Becky. Get off the phone! I gotta change the channel again."

Hmm…lots of Apple related products lately

Would this be a good replacement for my Logitech Harmony (e.g. can I power and format multiple devices with one touch, or would I need to switch “remotes” one at a time)?

Does anyone know if it works with a Western Digital WDTV Live Hub?

Should be good with my cable DVR then? Nice. I hate that thing.

In other words, can you program macros?