L5 Universal Remote for iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad

Not remotely needed

Does this work with an Android device?


The cushions in my couch would love this.

That was fast

People still buy iProducts?

Posted this from my Android.

i wish i knew what tv brands it works on… cant seem to find a universal remote for my brand…

Well, CARP! I really wanted another three flashlights!

This thing works great, and you can create some really cool-looking skins. It even controls my x-10 lights and my A/C. No disappointments.

No apple is in their own world and not universal so the adapater is a weird size

Bought one of these last time it was on woot. Works as advertised. Pretty awesome.

Only 22? For pete’s sake.

damn that went real quick. i wanted one too :frowning: . . btw it does not work with android for 2 reasons: no port to plug it in on androids and i also believe the app is only available in the apple app store but there is something out there similar for android devices

wow for 20 bucks I can turn a $200 iphone into a $10 universal remote. I could do that with my windows phone 5 years ago just by running a free app. Those apple people are so advanced

Back then bluetooth and wifi weren’t as popular, so IrDA wasn’t as obsolete as it is now and it made sense to include it. Though I do wish my Droid has a strong IR emmiter built in, just to use it as a universal remote.

I’ve been wanting one of these for a while now, just wasn’t willing to pay the price. And now I missed out on a good deal. I already have an app to control my TV, just wanted something to control everything else. And from what I understand, this little gizmo really does control EVERYTHING, even old crap.

Please Woot, put this up again on a day that I’m watching the site, and I’ll pass out free hugs at my local mall for an hour!