La Crosse Atomic Clock - 2-Pack



Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

La Crosse Atomic Clock - 2-Pack
$7.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 La Crosse Atomic Clock WT-2171U


hard to top last night… but a 2fer always comes close to awesome… check useful linkage for comparison shopping links… well… maybe not “awesome”… still, decent.


Can I bring these around town with me?


two alarms? One for me and one for me! I guess I could use one as a real alarm and the other as a snoozer.


Uhhhh… they’re not “atomic” clocks…


do I really need 6 alarm clocks?

some days I do.


If I order this, will I get it on/before Thursday ?

just saw smartpost shipping.


I have this exact clock, for about a month now. Keeps perfect time, looks good. This looks like a good deal for two.




I’m in just because it’s an alarm. Now I’ll know the temp when I awake for the next woot!


Seriously, do they think wooters are always running late, so they keep on offering us atomic clocks? Sometimes I wonder…


Sure, but it may not be a Thursday in August.


“Made in China (no recall announced yet, though)”


They seem to be saying, albeit cryptically, that these also display the temperature. True?


How many atomic clocks can we wooters own? 2? Jeebus Woot. I’ll prolly get these since I didn’t end up going for the one just a day ago…lol.


two-fer? damn, i thought they would finally give in and ante up 2 projectors


Where’s the feet … more atomic clocks? I set my alarm clocks ahead anyway. I don’t want to see exactly how late I am.

I’m holding out for one of those new alarm clocks that run away from you when you set the snooze alarm.


Not in for any, as I like to set all of my clocks to different times to confuse guests. Now an atomic watch, I might consider.


How big are they? I don’t see a size on the specs.