La Crosse Atomic Travel Alarm Clock 2 Pack



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La Crosse Atomic Travel Alarm Clock 2 Pack
$7.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 LaCrosse Technology WT-2171U Digital Atomic Travel Alarm Clock

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I could use one of these seeing how I am going to CES this week. Hotel wake up calls are always hit and miss.


These are awesome, they only thing is they sometimes take a while to sync with the satelites.


hey wait a SECOND! the times on the two clocks are DIFFERENT! atomic blew up!!


with this great link to froogle comes great responsibility. use it wisely!


You sleep in Vegas?


Um, aren’t atomic clocks supposed to have the same time?? One of the 2 they’re showing is a refurb!!


I’m in for one…errr two. My current alarm clock has been with me for years, but these look nice enough–and I loathe having to reset them every few months.


If they are supposed to by synchronized to the atomic clock, why do the two clocks show different times?


I like how they are atomic clocks, and they are showing different times…


Atomic powered clocks! I wonder if they can be used for dirty bombs. Is there a lot of uranium in them?


Beep beep, time for a different Woot. :frowning:

Bonus: if you put one on either side of your bed, you’ll awaken to an annoying beeping sound…in s t e r e o!



there wrong


Model Number WT-2171


By the time smartpost delivers we won’t use clocks anymore!


If they set themselves to the atomic clock why are both showing different times? Mmmmmhmm…


Actually - got these before and they work GREAT. Don’t need more just now, but if you’re on the fence, it’s a worthy find and very decent buy - no regrets here.


I feel like 2 is so unpractical. Aren’t there children in Africa without alarm clocks?


Hmm, must not work too well, or there is a slight time zone between them. Why are they 2 minutes apart?