La Crosse Projection Alarm Clock/Weather Station

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product(s): 1 La Crosse WT-5120U Projection Alarm Clock/Weather Station
condition: New

$14.99 + $5 shipping


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I have one of these and the projection part is pretty cool. Always good to know its 17 degrees before i take the dog out.

Will it provide a holographic projection of Shania Twain in my bedroom?..

Were these not the ones offered as a two-fer from woot! recently ? What makes these better or worse ?

I don’t think the ones they had a couple days ago were projection clocks, but maybe I’m just not very observant. :stuck_out_tongue:

this isn’t the same clock from 2 days ago; it’s a different model

They weren’t projection - are these worth the 15? I used to have a projection clock, and it died after 2 years. It was nice to not have to scramble for a clock in the middle of the night…

I bought so much crap on this site lately I don’t know if I should go for it. Aye… Now I have a wooden sudoku board sitting in my room with no use ha!

DAMNIT WOOT! I would gladly return my two’fer for 2 of these!!

These arent the same ones that were on Woot on Tuesday.

Those were “atomic”, but didn’t have projection. Hell they didn’t even have backlight like this one. Plus this one has a remote for outside temp too.

Amazon link to product.

The third review is hilarious. funniest thing I have read all day:

It comes with a AC adapter/transformer. Why does it also require batteries?

these things are great… wish I saw this before I bought my non-projecting remote temperature/clock thingy from walmart for twice this price. I’m almost thinking about getting this anyway… hmm… if its still there in the morning I’ll consider that a sign and I’ll go for it.

2 AA’s for the remote temp sensor, and 2 more to act as a backup in the clock in case your power goes out.

Nice! Been wanting one of these for a while now. Thanks, Woot!

Are batteries required? I would think they are just there for backup in power outages.

Thanks! I didn’t notice the part about the remote temperature transmitter…

Just for kicks I scrolled back through the last 2 months of Woot’s - as others said the 2-fer was not the same model. Other than that the only other Lacross item sold on Woot was a weather station during the december woot-off. I went back as far as late Octobrer, no other Lacross woot items.

This image from Amazon shows how the projection works (the item is over $6 more @ amazon btw): Link To Amazon Picture