La Crosse Technology UV Indicator Digital Watch



may i just ask why?


Why have a watch to detect UV if you don’t have one that can block it?!?! heh

Passing on this one…


SAY WHAT???.. are you kidding me? a UV watch in December… LMAO!!!


Something tells me you still get a watch tanline with this one… sighs



I’ve often wanted UV measuring capability on my watch…NOT!


Yay, another watch.
I’ll add it to my other 60 Woot watches from this year, right next to the box full of robot floor cleaners.


Now this is an interesting item…NOT. I don’t understand why anyone would want or need such an watch. Will it tell me if I need a higher SPF sunscreen?


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La Crosse Technology UV Indicator Digital Watch
$14.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 La Crosse Technology UV Indicator Digital Watch - UV-100

But I am dreaming of a White Christmas !!!


Awesome, I won the office pool: I knew it was going to be a watch!

Oh and so this doesn’t count of spam (for those of you who don’t have a google toolbar) here’s the manufacturer:


and the eleventy-brazillion radar detectors


Well, as $15 watches go, it certainly is one.


wtf…Woot! It’s Christmas…people want to spend rediculous money and you put up a $15 watch. GET WITH IT!!! I want to spend $$$$


This is great! I’ll just stick my arm out the front door for a moment before I leave the protective shelter of my home and I’ll know whether or not to take my parasol!


why would you need a UV indicator on your watch? if you are that concerned, wear sunscreen all the time… if that’s not enough, stay indoors…


kinda ugly with all that rainbow appeal. Not a bad price for a watch, but I wouldn’t wear somthing like that.


This would be helpful if i weren’t a vampire.

Jiminy Christmas. Where’s the good stuff?


Is this real?
They actually make UV sensor watches?
Who the hell would buy something this stupid?


…and iPod accessories…


Here’s the manufacturer’s website:

They list it at $39.95