La Crosse Technology UV Indicator Digital Watch





Save time from refreshing and most of all save woot! some bandwidth

Woot! Tracker


I knew i was goin to see this junk again


Don’t need - it’s raining today…



:frowning: Hasn’t been a good woot off so far.


What is it about the Bag O’ Crap that intrigues us all? We’ve all seen the crappy items revealed when others show their bandolier of carrots for all to see. From crappy thumb drive locks to poopy ipod cases for versions that haven’t been sold for over a year. Yet, in the back of our minds, the child in all of us begins to emerge. The mystery of the grab bag that we so fondly remember receiving as a child wells up inside of us. The possibility of getting something amazing for a little amount of money drives us all to fight each other’s bandwidth for a chance to spend eight dollars on something you probably wouldn’t pay 25 cents for at a garage sale.

Yet here we are, in the discussion of the woot off, with every other comment mentioning something to the affect of the Barnacles of Cardoza. With some inner hope that we can somehow beat our opponents in the bandwidth battle and have the glory of an order confirmation spelling out that we have just bought a Barrel of Caterpillars.

I give homage to the woot master’s who so cleverly designed this mysterious grab bag. They have outwitted each wooter, as is evident by the long list of Bushel of Carnies mentioned in the forums.

To all you wooters out there, good luck on your scramble for the infamous bag of crap, if it does appear at all during this woot off. As for me, I think I’ll save my money for a scooba if it ever appears at the price I heard it was earlier.

I bid you all a crappy day


I want 3






Anyone is welcome to my ad-less woot checker.

Happy wooting.


Got one Woot !


At least it’ll go quickly at only $10. Hopefully there’s only 6 of them.


this is probably more powerful then that HP computer


Wear sunscreen either way…
'Nuff said






nah…got two watches for Christmas…i’ll pass


I already bought the radio watches :frowning: