La Crosse Technology Window Thermometer - 2 Pack

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La Crosse Technology Window Thermometer - 2 Pack
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 La Crosse Technology WT-62U See-Thru Outdoor Window Thermometer

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One year without new battery? Yeah right!

Perfect! I live in a box with only two windows, now I can have on on each!

Does anyone know how good these are? I had one from Oregon Scientific, and the first winter here in Chicago, it up and quit on me.


Does this come with batteries?

Maybe if it was two for $5. because this is actually $15 after shipping.

Does this work inside too?

It says it comes with two batteries - one for each…

Golly gee its cold outside. Now I can see how warm I want my java in the morning

ok… i tried a post and it didnt work right… but i was basically saying these look pretty cool and id go for it if i didnt already have 2 thermometers

so if I attached it to my sliding glass door, would the temperature readings be accurate?

Its seems like the warm on the inside of the house would conduct to the glass and keep the readings from being reliable?

Any thoughts or experiences?

“Attaches to glass on the outside of a window or door”

How exactly does it do this? Suction cups (none are pictured)?

Sorry folks, but only 22 below makes it useless in Wisconsin…

the white bar at top is an adhesive strip (and battery location, if i read right, perhaps…)

looks like Target has it for $15

actually think i might go for this - it’s stereoscopic, you know…


Like mine better, It set inside and tells temp inside and outside. I use it a lot live in ND, and like to see if it is at least 20 above so can wear short pants.

as long as it’s on a glass surface