La Dive Cotes du Rhone Red Wine (4)

La Dive Côtes du Rhône Red Wine 4-Pack
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2012 La Dive Côtes du Rhône Red Wine
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Any specs on percentages of varietals in the blend ? Or any other specs for that matter?

My tasting notes will be up shortly but there is no info about the blend on the bottle. 13.5% alc but that’s already listed in the specs.

It also won a silver medal at a competition in Paris last year, thus the silver banding at the bottom of the label.

My initial impressions are that this is fairly heavy on the Grenache, with a decent amount of Syrah and fairly low % of Mourvedre. If I had to guess, I’d say around 60-30-10.

Thanks international chip.

La Dive Côtes du Rhône

Deep burgundy color in the glass with slow-forming closely spaced legs. Nose of black cherry, raspberry and white pepper.

Light bodied wine with strawberry, allspice, light oak and some earthiness on the palate. Juicy mouthfeel with mild tannins on the medium finish.

This is not very complex but it is an easy drinker and I am really enjoying it so far. This is definitely a “drink now” wine but it will be interesting to see how it evolves. I will be sure to stop back with some Day 2 notes but am liking it enough right now to pull the trigger.

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Lame. MO has the best alc. laws in the land.

Paris of the Plains. No wine for you.

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Wine.woot hasn’t shipped to MO for almost 6 months. They dropped a bunch of states last fall, then added some back before the end of the year but there has been no movement whatsoever on adding back additional states this year. For daily deals on CA wine, you can usually get hooked up with the woot price directly from the winery (albeit with higher shipping cost) but you’re probably SOL on these International offers.

Ravoire & Fils is a negociant, and not telling where they get this wine. No sign of cepage, which means it likely changes with each vintage. That said, it is AOC so you can be assured it’s some blend of all/some of syrah, grenache (min 40%), mourvèdre, cinsault, carignan and counoise. A bit on the pricey side for non-Villages CDR. FWIW

A monkey sporting a cape flew by the other day and parachuted down a box labeled “par avion.” I bid him merci and adieu.

Inside was a bottle of the 2012 Cote du Rhone La Dive, which according to the french dictionary means “the dive.” I rarely drink french wines, although I did drink quite a few there while “on holiday” many years ago. I searched the Internet, including the proprietor’s website, and could not find the composition for this wine, so I presumed that it could be made of syrah, grenache and/or mouvedre. With that in mind, I prepared a traditional pot roast, with potatoes, carrots and onions. I figured a nice and hearty meaty flavor, along with tasty fat, would go well with this wine.

Upon PnP, the color is cranberry and clear. After a quick swirl in the glass, the wine clings to the top and the legs, which are quite thick, cascade slowly. The initial smell is cherry and vanilla. My first impressions of the flavor were of dark fruit and licorice with a medium coating on the tongue. I finished preparing the dinner and came back to this wine in about an hour. While I still detected possibly plum and unripened blueberry, there was now a pepper and tar component. On the finish I got a little dark chocolate, like you ones with the higher percentages of cocoa such as cooking chocolate. The wine paired very well with the meal with each complementing the other.

Over the course of the next hour I did not detect the wine opening up any more. This, like some of the other Saturday day offerings of recent past, is a table wine that will pair well with a wide variety of foods. It has a simple structure and pleasant flavor. After seeing the price, I would say it is an average offer, i.e. not a great QPR but reasonable.

Nice reviews - thanks guys!

I was tempted by this since in have zero CDR in the cellar but I’m thinking I should save my money and take the plunge on another CDR. I like table wines as I typically drink with dinner and I like to host so it needs to be affordable but I look for majorly discounted wines in the $8-15 range to suit this purpose not $20. I might be interested in a split just to try it but I’m definitely not interested in a full order.

Day 2

Poured 1/3 glass for some “day 2” impressions of this CdR. I’m getting raspberry and strawberry on the nose and still mostly strawberry on the palate, with some nutmeg and allspice notes. Medium acidity and good overall balance. Glad I went in on it. :slight_smile: