La Famiglia 2004 Pinot Grigio Quartet

First Sucker!, back on top, life is good!

Right behind you dog! The description was top notch and it has to be a great price. Can’t wait to sample this one. What can’t the wine woot staff do?!!?

Well done, sir.

Think I’m going to pass though, the budget is tight and I’m on a red kick.

Fantabulous. Another California wine. bah. A good idea wasted. Has anyone told Woot that wine is produced in other states and countries?


I checked in just to see if I could be the first sucker. Don’t know if I would have bought it anyway if I would have had the chance. I’m not much of a white wine drinker. I’ve been buying, and unfortunately not drinking, too much wine as of late.

have to agree on with you on the description. Hilarious! Good Vino too!

No delivery to New Jersey.

My twice-a-week sushi habit and I weep bitter tears.

Is this Robert Mondavi wine?

This does appear to be a Robert Mondavi here is the link to the website:

If you go to products you can find this bottle of wine

Good Robert Mondavi wine. It sells for around $15/btl at Sams’s Warehouse.

bad news: this wine looks bad
good news: im saving money


I got 2!

unfortunately, it’s a holiday, and that means that it won’t be able to ship until Tuesday at the earliest. That means that I probably won’t get it until next week.

Oh well. At least it looks like it should be a decent wine.

I picked up some… i need to stock up on some whites… and the wife loves pinot’s

and whats the deal with the ‘side deal’ its just a link to their website… which I warn you, please an annoying video, scoll down as fast as you can and MUTE it… save yourself.

I’m not personally a fan of the pale pinot, and there is no shipping to tediousachusetts this week, so no wine for me! enjoy, everyone out there who is trying it out. Wine woot rocks!

Do the delivery states vary by wine.woot? I noticed that Arizona isn’t on this list but it has been on others.

Hey all, I am a newcomer to woot…love it! But can the woot please find me a top notch Chianti??

I’ll wait for reds. As a matter of fact, still waiting for last reds (apparently it takes about 7-10 days).

Yes, WineDavide explained it a bit ago – but essentially not every winery can ship to the same states every week. But keep on checking back because the list changes every week (and its only been a few times I noticed MA wasn’t on the list).

Late buy, but aparently still some left! :slight_smile: