La Famiglia Snows Lake Vineyard Barbera - Three Pack

La Famiglia Snows Lake Vineyard Barbera - Three Pack
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Condition: Red
Product: 3 2005 Snows Lake Vineyard Barbera
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March 15, 2010 on woot



this wine was great, we have one bottle left of the March order and am very happy to have another opportunity to buy. This woot off has killed my credit card but if I saw a great deal on sparkling, it would push it over the edge

I knew I should have gone to bed. The talk of cherry and chocolate sucked me in on this one. I am now poor thanks to cigar and wine deals over this past week. Where can I store 30 bottles overflowing out of my cellar!? In for my first buy of the woot off.

You sure this isn’t the right CT link?

LOVED this wine, wife will be happy to see more to.


You’ve got the right link here.

What is your wine cellar btw!? Where did you get it and how much?

wootoffs + boredom + overtime pay == dangerous…bought 9 bottles…without ever having this. read some positive reviews from the rats though and looking forward to it, hard to find barbera at the local market here.

I don’t blame you…this sounds very tasty. If I hadn’t already bought 2 cases of wine today I might have bought more haha.

Everybody seems to like this one but I ordered it last time and the first 2 bottles I opened were corked…third one was pretty good. Can’t order it again though after that experience.

Were you able to get at least one replacement bottle?

I emailed service today so we’ll see what happens. I had just opened them over the weekend. That was the first time I’ve had a problem like that with anything I’ve bought here.

yeah i’m having a difficult time not placing a second order…i love barbera’s, as does the gf…but i think ill wait and see what else comes up :slight_smile:


One more day of wine wootoff and i’m pulling the kids from collage :frowning:


Here we go again. Another grand experiment. Contrary to what my critics say, I do enjoy many of the wines woot has introduced, most of which I never would have tried on impulse at the local shops, even had they been available.

credit card says: no Ty Caton. no more Wellington. My kids must go to college, some day.

Do you ever get the urge to pair those fine scotches with a fine cigar?

I’m a novice - please explain what you mean by “corked”. I bought this last time and found heavy crystal like substance on the inside of the first two corks. Is that what you are referring to?


Oh, always. But the girlfriend hates the smell, so I usually only get to indulge when she’s away (or when I am, for that matter). I also have an incredible weak spot for a glass or three of good Port to accompany a stogie.