La Fiesta De Las Margaritas Y Fajitas


[imgleft][/imgleft] Friday, October 14, 2005


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browns99df found an action shot of the grill.
hld1970 does a little pre-shipping price comparison.
hardwareguy found a page about the blender.
Will25 summarizes some of those blender page stats.
woohooty says “One of the survivalist sites I found claimed that the grill/blender/Mariachi combo is the only civilian system known to be capable of producing a treatment for avian flu…Hey, I’m not paranoid, but I owe it to my family to take some sensible precautions.” Woot cannot verify this claim. Oh, and he found the PDF manual for the fajita grill.


Can you put this woot down your pants?

The definitive answer: Yes!


I am fairly sure that not only can you put it down your pants, you can use it to strategically enhance the appearance of what is down there.


WOOT! I SAY AGAIN WOOT!! ™ - Sometimes that is all that needs to be said [:)]

La Fiesta De Las Margaritas Y Fajitas $34.99 + $5 shipping

This qualifies as a hilarious woot! Excellent deal too!

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Does the mariachi band come with it!!!


AARGHH!!! No Mariachis?

On a lighter note, has anyone used this thing?


Only if it also came with the Salsa band! :slight_smile:


MMM mexican1!!

i wonder if you can use it for something other then tortillas?

hahah, go ahead and google the model number for the blender

ummmm??? odd.

anywho, heres a better picture


no mariachis, no deal


well if i don’t get the mariachis too, deal’s off!


Hey, it’s the “Office Space” edition.


que malo …


??? wtf is this?
looks cool
slightly priced too high for impulse buy


Fajitas like mom used to make!!


Hmmmm… Now if only i could cook…


hahhahhaha it’s not cinco de mayo!


Rather have the band! At least first page!


dont really like mexicanos.


not for me, but would be a great idea for anyone wanting a mexican theme party… good night!