La Fiesta De Las Margaritas Y Fajitas



I have this grill. It is a great grill. Bought the grill alone at target 2 yrs ago for about $25


With today being a crazy day of woot! I made a quick refresh page to watch woot for me. It will refresh every 15 seconds. So if anyone would like to use it here ya go.


do people not from texas call it tex-mex? if you are from new mexico do you call it Mex-Mex?


And to think I would have bought it if Chachi was included…curse you Woot. They could have thrown in Joni as well.


What’s this?
A Bluetooth Blender?


That’s so cool. You are awesome. Thanks!


Can anyone tell me the price?


just got my package in this morning… WOW… awesome package deal, the blender is nice… real glass… i had this Fajita maker before on the other woot-offs… this is my 2nd purchase of this item, but this came with a blender for the same price…

$29.99 + $5 shipping…

we used it other then Fajitas… its basically a grill with a warmer… so now with 2 units… we can have a small family fun gethering. :slight_smile:


I just got mine, well part of mine, No Margaritas tonight for me! My package was missing the blender :frowning: and it was the whole reason I bought this :frowning: Hopefully it will be found and I can enjoy my Margaritas!!!


you might want to contact Woot about that… mine came yesterday in a big box and both of the items where in there… the Fajita Maker and the Blender.