la vita e bella

this was my favorite! congrats! :slight_smile:

(btw, love the movie. I’m going to watch it tomorrow in honor of this shirt)

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

If you look at the hummingbird (facing to the right) in the correct manner it can also look like a bat (facing the left).

I forget what the term is called, but it’s the same as the picture of the old woman/young lady in one.

Yay! I love me some generic shirts.

Congrats on the print, radiomode!

optical illusion?

gorgeous design but on blah brown? really?

I’m not seeing it… at all.

La Tee Da would have been better

Yes, disappointing. Looks like 100 other shirts at your local mall… So many more interesting ones that fit the theme.

Yay! 1st!

This sounds suspiciously like sarcasm…

PLEASE no more poo brown. this should have gone on white or black.

I can’t believe this won. I thought boots had it.

I don’t see the bat, but hummingbirds drink nectar, they don’t eat tiny berries.

this design as absolutely no meaning… how did it get first place??

Congrats Radio!

And after your shirt purchase, feel free to head on over to Dodgeball and vote for your favorite entry.

I don’t see a bat but some kind of quadraped creature. The hummningbird’s head would be the tail and the wing tips are the antlers. It looks like it’s leaping to the left.

Man, the colors on my monitor must be messed up that shirt looks BLACK to me.