Labtec Spill Resistant Keyboard



PS/2? What year is this, 1995?


PS/2 style, but for 5.01? Not bad, but you can get the Logitech Classic Keyboard for $10 dollars now a days.

Pass, even though it’s cheap


Not with 5 dollar shipping (+ texas sales tax)


I know that it’s only a penny, but it’s just a keyboard.


I grabbed 3, nice gifts. For $1.67 each, you can’t beat it.

Also, can I use these under water?


Perfect, my keyboard is getting old and dirty.


Cheaper than we can buy 'em at the store… in for three, yet again.


I bought three. I already have six keyboards, so I don’t know what I will do with three more, but what the hell? For $5.02, three keyboards, you can’t beat that.


In for 3 though I won’t know what the fuck I’ll do with them. I’m on a Mac and PS2? wtf.


im in for 3 these always come in handy at one point or another


i dont think i need three more plus the four under my bed…and i dont think i can give them as gifts


I still have 2 boxes of keyboards from woot!.

YES I will still buy anything this cheap.


I use a lot of Keyboards and mice… I am in for 3. PS/2 Keyboards are common use around here… Always in for a spare or 3. :slight_smile:


Why not? I have a KVM switch, but hell . . . I’ll find something to do with them.


Sweet…in for three (just had a keyboard die…needed a spare again!)


i would buy it, but the backslash button is too small!!! the enter key is huuuuuge. give me a regular one and i’m all over it woot!


In for three. Comeon, 3 boards for $5.03 shipped? Worse boards are $5 in store. Worse case I’ll use the keys and wires for something.


1 Labtec Spill Resistant PS2 Keyboard 967307-0403
$0.01 + $5 shipping


You can always use these to make clones of the boom headshot (FPS Doug) video.