Labtec USB Optical Notebook Mouse - 2 Pack



Nice deal. had them for $7.99/ea and then it’s at least $8.00 to ship - making this definitely a 2-For-Tuesday!


Labtec USB Optical Notebook Mouse - 2 Pack
$9.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Labtec Notebook Optical Mouse - 931215-0403


Will it work for a Mac Powerbook?


Is the cable retractability ablenous?


not exactly the best deal according to the froog,GGGL:2005-09,GGGL:en&q=931215-0403+


How everybody loves children poetry and song…

But haven’t we graduated from 3 blind mice??? Love the lyrics, Woot Description Crew. Would buybut, have no need for two cheap “blind” mice.

Don’t quit your day jobs!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


ebay, too…

Ebay link


$7.33 for 1 on Froogle
Or you could get 1 of the retractable-corded model (much more useful in my opinion if you’re really using it with a notebook) for $11.42

Good deal though if you really want 2 of these particular mice
(BTW no reviews and OOS @ amazon)


2.00 bucks cheaper that Ebay…but that’s ok…


Yes it is, try clicking on those links at Froogle sometimes. You’ll find that most of the time those really really low prices don’t exist.


“Coated in delicious vanilla-almond glaze” ?

Are these really edible? Sounds sticky !!!


Should work as well as the “Dell” mouse I am using with my Powerbook. Of course, I paid 99¢ for mine, plus $2 shipping, on eBay.


Bad two for tuesday, they are selling on ebay for 0.99c , I personally wouldn’t want any, its old technology. Its like buying a black and white TV.


People should really click on the links in froogle before they blindly post them.
Lowest froogle is actually 11.99 for one before shipping.


That old man’s hands are quite ooh-fah. Anyway, is it me or is there only a Scroll wheel and not buttons. It does say there are buttons but I dont see them. Anyway… Is labtec like one of these low-budget wannabe logitech? Anyone have these?


I’m still waiting for the usb webcams I bought LAST (two for) Tuesday for myself and my brother.

I think I’ll wait to see if those ever show up before I buy something else from woot.


lol, you gotta love the descriptional poem! a work of art! Well done woot!
no notebook for me, so no woot do i see!


I would suggest hooking a couple of these babies up to the same laptop with a USB share switch and having yourself some 21st century Ouija-style action with another person. It’s hard to beat the thrill of a competitive round of Minesweeper when one player is trying desperately to mark the explosives and the other is clicking around indiscriminately in an attempt to recreate a 16-bit equivilant of the final scene from Fight Club.


Tonight’s pod cast did not inspire me. Perhaps it was the wrong notes played on the piano. Cute idea, but just so-so.