Lacey Centerset Faucet

Who buys a faucet without knowing if the washers are ceramic or rubber? So, since everyone who is smart enough to get in out of the rain wants “forever” ceramic, when it is not bragged about in the specifications the natural assumption is the device uses rubber washers which need frequent replacement. Woot keeps on leaving out critical issues for plumbing fixtures including whether drain parts are pop-ups and if flex tubes are included or not. The juice just isn’t worth the squeeze when buyer’s remorse isn’t an allowed basis for return.

Vendor confirms these have ceramic washers.

Well actually there are no “ceramic washers”. It’s a cartridge that controls water flow by rotation of the orifices inside the cartridge. I think they stopped making bathroom fixtures with rubber washers about 20 years ago.

The good ones have a lifetime warranty. This is a bit confusing because Speakman has different warranties depending on the type of installation and type of product. According to their web site, this fixture in a consumer installation should have a lifetime warranty. But in their specs they say one year warranty. So I’m guessing this is a lower quality product that they are putting their name on, but not willing to back it up with their normal lifetime warranty.

You can get all the specs and more info here: