LaCie Porsche Design USB 3.0 Mobile Drive 1TB

Don’t do it… it’s a trap!

I purchased a newer version of this drive because Woot’s page stated it had an SSD drive within.

Not only was it not an SSD, it was a failing Seagate (never had good luck with them) with over 2 million seek errors according to the SMART data. The read & write errors were much higher than the thresholds as well. Writes to the drive (yes, I tested with data I had other copies of) would start out fast but once the seek errors hit would slow down to less than 5MB/second.

Read a bunch of reports that the included cables were poor and could cause drive errors, so I tried 2 different USB-C cables, and a high-gauge USB-micro cable with a USB-C adapter. No change.

I figured out how to pry the case apart (it’s not easy - and it won’t go back together without tape, so be prepared for a “one-way trip”), put in an older Western Digital Black 2.5" drive – tested again with all of the cables I used previously… no errors.

Don’t trust your data to this!

I’m sorry for the problems with the drive.

We did correct the error with the sale and contact customers.

I hope you contacted woot CS for a return if you are unhappy with it.