Has anyone else noticed how little there is listed on the page now? There used to be tons of things to pick from, now there is all but nothing anymore. REALLY Disappointing

It’s by design. We’re going to stop throwing tons of crap on the site that wasn’t purchased and work on throwing up crap that’s a good deal and more compelling.

Hallelujah! Couldn’t be happier about this. I always gave up before I got through even half of what was there.

I like it.

Also, if you click on a title (like Tools), there’s a sub-list to choose from.

I like it. I think the great deals are more important than the quantity. I love being able to see everything offered, saves scrolling, clicking. Just keep the good stuff coming!

Applause - I’d love to see this!

It saves me a lot of time, I hardly ever even bother to look at what is here anymore.

I wrote to the powers to be about this 2 weeks ago as they drive WOOT into the abiss… They are selling AMAZON LEFTOVERS and Most pages LIST things that are sold out for DAYS>>>>>> Such a waste of a Great Site…

Only Flash Deals is Amazon leftovers. I want to make sure y’all know there is a dedicated and passionate group of vendor managers down in Carrollton who spend every day on the phone to suppliers trying to get prices lower and find pieces of treasure to delight and entice! It’s a hard job but they do it every day. So I get a little sad for them when folks say we just sell “amazon leftovers” when the majority of our site is decidedly not that. Add to that the bunch of designers who put together the best tshirts on the planet - something the world should really recognize! - Woot is a special place that is distinct and separate from other ecommerce sites.

The Sold Out items we are working at clearing off faster - there were more recently as we were clearing out a bunch of older stuff at stupidly good discounts and they had limited inventory - we simply couldn’t keep up! Keep watching, we’re going to keep improving the site and making sure everything we list there is treasure for someone. Except Flash Deals - that’s totally our Amazon garage sale. :slight_smile: