Lacoste Sunglasses




unisex? I noticed they have different temple measurements. Is that an indication of whether they are for men or women? Or just for foilks with bigger heads?


These sunglasses appear to have lenses of the non-polarized variety, bummer.


I wish they were because I would totally buy them.


The L108S Black says it has brown lenses but the picture shows a grey lense. So which is it?


I’m Lacoste intolerant.


Any verdict on lens color for L108S?


Mine’s supposed to come today, so I’d be happy to put this one to rest.


Yeah let us know, my purchase depends on it…

…wish some authority would verify the details…ahem…


Checked a website of lesser quality than woot and found a picture of the black L108S.001 Lacoste glasses (the ones being sold here), and it is confirmed it is a brown lens. Boo.


We ordered 4 pairs of shades from this sale. We’re happy with all of them! Do recommend!


Yep, they are brown. Still happy with the deal, but that is a misleading picture.


Yup,bummer - eye doc says polarized is very important in the prevention of macular degeneration, esp for us blue-eyed types.


Except that, according to this, the effects of polarization are dependent on a lot of factors. If you’re going to be wearing these only in situations where polarized glasses provide benefit, they’re probably not for you. If you’re planning for general use without a lot of glare, they might be just fine.


We got our two pair in the mail on Friday. They are surprisingly comfortable, BUT–they did not come with the microfiber bag shown in the pictures. Just the sunglasses and the green gator skin case.


Just a heads up these are VERY SMALL. I do not have a large face and wear normal size ski goggles and have never had a problem with sunglasses which leads me to believe these are for “small” faced people. Unfortunate because I liked them. Off to ebay they go. Fail.


did yours have the croc logo only on the left arm? I am trying to determine if mine are defected they dont have the croc on the right arm.