Lacrosse Indoor Comfort Meter


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Lacrosse Indoor Comfort Meter
$9.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Lacrosse WS-9410U Indoor Comfort Meter


2fers are woot-tastic… that’s for sure… so check the useful linkage blog for comparison shopping links incase there’s something you didn’t know… maybe it’ll be helpful…

haha… or maybe it’ll just be something to pass the time… either is fine.


I’ll just step outside and see how warm it is. Oh, wait! I see it’s perfectly nice inside. I don’t need to now!


Wow! 743 degrees. Thats pretty damn hot!


743 dergrees seems kinda hot


Yea, this doesnt even measure outside. I have a thermostat. Still 0 woots for me


These things are the kind of things you see in a doctor’s office, but BEWARE: They are not indestructable. One fall off of a wall and they are no good ever again.


haha yea…743 degrees…woo


i think its a subliminal global warming warning message :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve wanted a hygrometer for a hella long time… looking for a review now.

EDIT: Amazon has one review, decent rating. Average price there around $20 unshipped. Hawt! I’m getting one. Er, two.


but this is only for indoor, not outdoor.

This may be very useful (depending on their size) for reptile habitats, i think you need to control humidity and temperature very closely right?


No, you’ll still need to go outside, it only displays the indoor information. It’s just so darn useful! And with two of them, you’ll never have to turn your head to find out what the humidity around you is.


743* F?

Welcome to Hell. I hope you’re comfortable.

Yeah, definately don’t see a decinal point.


Indoor temp? Is this for people who don’t have a working thermostat?


I’m in for 2. I like the idea of the Indoor Humidity Bar Graph feature.


Read the stats. This is for indoor only. Too bad, I could use an outdoor one. I wonder if you could mod one and extend the thermometer and put it outside … I think I might be in for one set!


Uhh, yea, ya do, this do-hicky only reports INSIDE Temps.


It’s for indoor temps and humidity!


Anyone else thinking they’d pay $15 so the girlfriend wouldn’t know how cold it is and complain about it?

743°? Must be installed in my server closet…