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LaCrosse Technology 3 Day Audio Weather Forcaster [New] - $19.99 + $5 shipping

1 * LaCrosse Technology WA-1030U-T Talking Weather Station w/ News, Sports Entertainment and More

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whatever…happy new year…good night

Happy New Year!

(Was really hoping for a BoC. :slight_smile:


$49.99 on Amazon. Great deal here on Woot!

Forecaster is spelled wrong. Is that how we want to start 2010 off? Really?

happy new year folks. no crap.

R u shitting me?

Happy new year.


Yep, HNY.

See you during 2010.


looks nice. HAPPY NEW YEAR WOOT!!!

Dunno what to say…Its just bad !!!

Good night, happy new year

Happy New Year.

Getting the outside temp inside is amazingly handy. Does this support more than one outside box? There can be quite a difference in temperature on different sides of a house - outside.

In For 1, This Has Severe Weather Alerts, And Spring Is A Comin (midwest)

I also want to wish everyone in the community and woot staff a HAPPY NEW YEAR

Had a similar unit two years ago, got an iPhone. Just a waste of batteries.

The Sellout.Woot item is far superior.

Well I bought some Bacon Salt from Sellout Woot!! WOOHOO!!! lol

I have read SOOOOO much about this mystical Bacon Salt…so I am finally getting me some!

BTW Woot…I was hoping for something really good for the first woot of the year!! yuckies! :stuck_out_tongue:

HAPPY NEW YEAR all you WOOTERS!!! :slight_smile:

How does this update itself if it doesn’t require a wi-fi connection? Does it use magik? DARK MAGIK?