LaCrosse Technology 3 Day Audio Weather Forecaster Woot Info Post - beauty, Clark.

LaCrosse Technology 3 Day Audio Weather Forecaster [New] - $17.99 + $5 shipping

1 * LaCrosse Technology WA-1030U-T Talking Weather Station w/ News, Sports Entertainment and More

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Here it is at Amazon, with middling reviews.

And a previous Woot.

Average rating on Amazon is 3 stars.

here’s a previous woot

and a user manual

Does it have a backlight to view in the dark?

But does it display INDOOR temperature?

Hmmm I have a 9 y/o who is in love with the weather channel maybe this might be a good idea for him.

I remember this from older woots.

Here is a thread containing lacrosse employees answering questions:

The router apparently makes some noise, which is why I didn’t buy.

I got this last time… Easy to set up, but wouldn’t recommend the Alert warning thing. The thing sounds an alert every time there is a “Red Flag Warning”, “Strong Wind Advisory”, " A dog outside warning", or any other “Warning”. The damn thing chirps at ALL hours of the morning, night, or even while doing tequila bellyshots with the downstairs neighbor. You have to stop what you are doing - walk over there - hold down snooze, to hear what alert it was - go back to grab your lime - just to have another alert go off… Sad part is - I’m in S. Florida & every time there is a “Warning” - I look outside & see sun & beach… Other than that - Works great!

Just my 2 pennies worth

I saw that too… But mine do not make the noise… except that damn sever alert alarm (yeah, it’s personal)

You can also remotely set the greeting for the wake up alarm. I can wake up my hunny with a “I love you”… or she can wake me up with ‘a list of things to do…’

I bought this item from the January 1st Woot.

I would say its a nice item for the price. It gives you the forecast along with your current temperature. And even reports your temperature on the weatherclub website. It comes with a year of free weather alerts.

The packaging takes about 15 minutes to open. If you buy one you will see what I mean.

The CNET and other news is nice, but I rarely use it.

My sound isn’t very loud. When the batteries slightly drain I get no sound at all. I had the product for a little over a month and am on my 3rd set of batteries. I am using a cheaper grade AC Delco battery. Maybe I need to use better quality batteries.

The set up was so and so. It took me a couple of days to set it up correctly. This didn’t seem like a problem with the Weather Forecaster. I think it was more or less an internet problem. My internet kept dropping out in the middle of the set up.

I think the La Crosse website for setup seemed a little buggy and complicated. But once I got everything set up… Everything worked fine.

The severe weather alerts work OK. It is about 10 minutes slower than my SAME weather radio to sound alerts. I have tried the other features like adding 5 cities and text alerts. I don’t see a need to pay for them. I probably will continue to pay for weather alerts when the free year expires.

The website can be useful but it is slow to load even with a broadband connection, and at times buggy. Plus the introduction from Paul Douglas is annoying.

Overall, Its a nice unit for a good price. I am thinking of buying more as birthday or Christmas presents… You can’t expect much for $20.00… But it serves the purpose.

There is an advanced setting on the configuration website to filter out the alerts you don’t want to hear.

These things last about 6 months then die without a reason.

Bought one for my father in law, another for myself and one for a brother in law. They were bought at separate stores (Costco, Sam’s Club & Target). All 3 of them died after 6 months.

Called the company and customer service just said “sometimes that happens, we are really sorry”, no offer for a solution or replacement.

I asked about repair or replacement and they offered repair service for $40 each.

NEVER buying from Lacrosse Technology again.

Good luck to you. I have the LaCrosse Technology Weather Station- WS7391UD Cherry Weather Station from previous Sellout.woot. The indoor info would register correct and the outside would always be +/- 10 degrees
and found no way regulate or correct that. I trashed the outdoor part.
No chance on another.

does it work in other countries ?

Bought a couple last time. Setup is a little trial and error, but eventually everything works well. I did not notice the “hissing” sound many complain about with the network dongle. If you hold it right up to your ear there is some sound, but very low volume. The data feeds seemed interesting until you see what is available, and then you probably won’t choose any of them. It would be nice if there was something of value there. Overall a nice little unit, well worth it.

If you ever had to call LaCross Technology customer support, you would never buy anything made by them again. Awful experience both times I called them.

$18 is a real good price if you’re a gadget nut. I bought one the last time and would again if I needed two of them. Here’s my pro’s and con’s…

Good online process to set one up. Very easy to follow.
LCD is easy to read.
Voice synth is clear and understandable.
Fun toy to have if you like following forecasts.

Packaging is a PITA to open.
No indoor temp
Outdoor temp only displays when a button is pushed.

Overall, I’d recommend it, especially at this price. Oh, and for those worried about a gateway whine - I don’t have one.