LaCrosse Technology 3 Day Audio Weather Forecaster

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LaCrosse Technology 3 Day Audio Weather Forecaster
$17.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 LaCrosse Technology WA-1030U-T Talking Weather Station w/ News, Sports Entertainment and More

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come on woot

MY! Woot-offs come and go so quickly here!


Madison’s weather looks like it’s going to get much better in a hurry.

I need this like I need another hole on my face…

Good gift for old people, picked up one for my dad awhile back.

80 degrees in Madison tomorrow. Why is it 24 and snowing in Chicago?

something tells me we’ve got annother slow seller on our hands…


Shush. No negativity.

It’s a great product that can forecast almost anything weatherwise. Unfortunately the technology to predict yellow snow hasn’t been invented but I’m sure the NWS is cooking something up.

Looks like they only had one of the last item (camera)!

Is this you?

Then buy it or get another hole!


After debating on one of these for a while, and seeing it constantly on Woot, what the heck, I’m in for one. Here’s to a quick seller.

Another satisfied customer. Remember, if you need another hole in your face, buy this product!

And Pink would Not have gone with my new Bat Bucket!

I don’t need to know the weather in Madison, thank you.



Oh! the things I could do with another hole in my face…

Don’t we have the internet for this?