LaCrosse Technology 3 Day Audio Weather Forecaster Woot Info Post beats being rickrolled

LaCrosse Technology 3 Day Audio Weather Forecaster [New] - $17.99 + $5 shipping

1 * LaCrosse Technology WA-1030U-T Talking Weather Station w/ News, Sports Entertainment and More

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I Got this a while back @ woot, and i love this, a bit troubling syncing, but i got it.

Great for anyplace in your house, the thing comes with a free year of severe weather alerts, which has been useful during the severe weather going on here in illinois, i highly reccomend this product.

5/5 stars

ps the outdoor temp transmitter is optional, i don’t even use it, i just get the local temp from my local weather station on it!

Previous Woot

$30 on Amazon, with 3-star reviews.

…and the Product Website.

New on Amazon for $17.85 plus $5.49 shipping.Seller has over 24000 ratings 98% positive. Woots price is 35 cents cheaper.

I got this same unit on Woot last December. Happy to report it is working perfectly!

This unit can do more than weather… for example, I am using mine to track the temperature inside my wine fridge, and can even track it online. Always good to know the stash is safe (there’s chocolate in there too, shhh!).

The weather function is OK too, and gives reports visually as well as audio w/ custom greeting. The alarm can wake you up to synthetic birds and you can get CNET, ZDNet, and various other Tech and News reports streamed from the internet to the portable display unit.

Bottom line… good deal, provides lots of practical functionality.

How much is the severe weather alerts after the free year?

Works surprisingly well, especially at this price. Setup can be a little hard, but nothing that can’t be done with a little patience. Once it’s setup and you’ve entered all necessary day on the site, it’s all systems go. 'Beats staying up until 10 every night just to catch the cheeseball weather guy for tomorrow’s forecast.

How do you get temperature tracking online?

Sign up at and allow it to post your remote sensor’s temperature data @ If you want to check it out, click on the “Member Data” button (red) in the lower left corner. Enter your own zip code (above the map) to easily zero in on your home town. You’ll see any other users nearby. Or check out my wine fridge’s temp. in Carson City, NV.

It’s free and all part of the package when you purchase this unit.

14.95 for 1 year
29.95 for 3 year

additional services below

forecast alerts to your phone and email
9.95 1 year
19.95 3 years

The Gold Package includes all of the enhanced features at a substantial discount - Multi-Location, 1 Year of Forecast Alerts and 1 Year of Weather Alerts (1 location). 29.95

The Platinum Package includes all of the enhanced features at a substantial discount - Multi-Location, 3 Years of Forecast Alerts and 3 Years of Weather Alerts (1 location). 39.95

don’t let these prices alarm you. all the features on this device are free, these are just additional services.

the better solution for weather alerts is to get a midland noaa weather radio. has a better alert system when sever weather hits!

Before you buy this…

Pretend you already own one and it’s broke (like mine). Try making contact with customer service.

Just what I’ve been looking for, saves me from going to the BX tomorrow and buying an inside/outside thermometer.

I’ve had pretty good experiences with WOOT LaCrosse items.

Bought one last time on Woot. For the money its OK at best. Would I buy it again, no. The problem that I can’t seem to get around is the updating part. If the unit goes off-line for too long, it will not resync with the website. Happened twice so far. Work-around is to restore factory settings and reenter the device as a new one. Real PITA to do. Because of this alone, I would not recommend it as today’s technology shouldn’t allow for such poor programming.

I don’t think there’s a way to constantly display the current temperature (without hitting a button).

Got one on January 1st from Woot. This is pure CRAP. Takes you forever to figure out how to get it set up. You can only view your temperature online by going to this advertising-heavy page and view your temperature online. The tech support never returned my phone calls or my emails. Love Woot… La Crosse… not so much. Please save yourself the pain.

I got one earlier in the year, already broken.

Stay away!

Purchased on impulse during a woot-off. It does NOT display the current temp, inside or out. If you want to know the outside temp you have to wait for it to scroll across the bottom.
The forecast temperatures are also amazingly INACCURATE. We are in South Florida where the weather does not vary much, yet the forecast temps are as much as 20 degrees off on any given day.