LaCrosse Technology Weather Station

pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 LaCrosse Technology Natural Finish Weather Station WS7391UG
condition: New

$24.99 + $5 shipping

Already have the Oregon Scientific one. How does this compare to it?

I still haven’t gotten mine that I ordered on Nov 17, so if you’re ordering this for xmas, bear that in mind. I do finally have a shipping number, showing date currently for 12/7, but it’s changed 3 days this week already.

Edit- that said, after the research we did on that one, this is ~$60 cheaper than the exact model sold anywhere, and it’s a pretty featuer packed model. Several people who had paid full price for it said it was nice.

been waiting for one with a wireless sensor


whats with this thing?

This is a decent unit - I have the less expensive freestanding one with no atomic clock update - but be warned: if you want to add more sensors, they are expensive, even on Ebay. Figure $22 per extra sensor for the non-exotic ones.

wasnt this up last week

i’m still waiting for the one i ordered here last month…this just ain’t right to pitch it again…

I had ordered mine last time and never got it. I told woot about it and they said it got lost and they can t find it anywhere. I guess I ll have to get this one.

I’m in for 3… Couldn’t find them online anywhere close to this price. They are going to be Christmas gifts.

“You keep an emergency poncho in your glove box” Why not mount one to the outside of you automobile ?

Got mine from last month. Actually got 3. Awesome station for the price. Upgraded my Radio Shack station that i bought 10 years ago. Gonna give the other 2 as gifts. Shipping did take 3+ weeks though, but the good people at woot refunded my shipping costs (on their own) because of the delay. I recommend this woot.

Here’s the comment thread from this one when it was previously offered:

Mine arrived today. Set it up 30 min ago. Seems to work fine but no back light. No checking the temperture, weather, moon phases, tides, atomic time in the middle of the night without waking up the wife. Maybe some WD40 and a ball bearing can fix it.

So it looks like the only difference is the last letter of the model name, which the Lacrosse website says is the difference between Cherry (D) and Natural (G) finishes.

Is there any known way to connect this one to a PC ?

That’s one ugly piece of wood.
tthis one looks cooler for same price