LaCrosse Technology Weather Station



pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 LaCrosse Technology WS7391UD Cherry Weather Station
condition: New

$24.99 + $5 shipping


If I can connect it to my PC (for data loggin purposes) I’m in for 1 !!!


Hey guys, how many times you gonna list moon phase there?


Use your internet. But still cheaper than anywhere else.


Thanks but already got me an Oregon Scientific Weather Station from one of the Woot Offs. Check my sig if you don’t believe me.


I actually need something like this, but I’ll wait to see what people think first.


Sounds pretty cool. Pricewise, cheapest I found was $80, up to $120, so it’s a great deal. I’m so close on pulling the trigger.


Me too. I found this on the LaCrosse website:

First glance seems like the same product. $159.00. Hope that doesn’t mean that the sellout one is defective. Thoughts?


42.99 for a very similar unit at Amazon. Decent Woot


I have a LaCrosse clock/indoor/outdoor temp unit that I got for about this same price during pre-Christmas sales. It has worked great. In fact I did not need to set out the remote temperature unit for about 6 months because it was picking up the signal from one of the neighbors.

I’m just trying to decide if I really need another unit to tell me how cold it is outside. Great price.


condition: New

if you know anything about these clocks you will get it, even if you have one. they are great,


Sierra Trading Post $23.98 + $5.95 S&H = $29.93 link


This comes with one temperture sensor. What about the outdoor humidity one? They sell for $30 on the LaCrosse website. I like, but it seems like I’m being shorted one sensor…any ideas?


[QUOTE=runnhott, post:13, topic:106959]
Sierra Trading Post $23.98 + $5.95 S&H = $29.93,94528_La-Crosse-Technology.../quote]

That’s not the same one… different model, and the display has different data if you look at the close up. It also does not appear to show outdoor humidity.


Atomic clocks are great! So reliable!


La Cross’ site wants to sell it for $159.95!
One for the house and the others for X-mas gifts.


the TX4U (the one that comes with it) is a temperature and humidity sensor


I have another version of this that worked great until the outdoor sensor fell into floodwaters. It’s actually cheaper to buy this than replace the sensor, which is like $40 on Amazon. I’ll steal the sensor from this, or just have displays in two rooms :slight_smile:


The model number is WS7391UD - same as the one for $159.95 on the LaCrosse website.

I’m thinking about it…I still haven’t bought a woot yet. (Didn’t get any buckets of chicken either. Boo.)