Ladera Vineyards Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon - 2 Pack

Ladera Vineyards Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon - 2 Pack
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1 2005 Lone Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon
1 2005 Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon
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OMG, a 2005 Napa CS… I have got to be in on this! (I have yet to have a Napa/Sonoma '05 CS that has not lived up to the hype.)

Now, should I wait or drink it now, that’s the real question!

Look Look, they’ve added a “Black Tie” monkey graphic!

AFAIK, that’s not new.

I am in absolute delight that Ladera is being offered on Wine.Woot. I just visited the vineyard 2 weeks ago and it had to be one of the best wines I had on my trip. These two that are being offered are amazing. They can be stored for about 10 years if I am not mistaken. I would hold them for about 1 year. Ladera has amazingly consistant and great wine accross the board. You can tell the distinct Howell Mountain flavor in the wines. This at a great price and worth it.
Definite buy. I would be surprised if it last through tomorrow.

Here’s Vinography on the Howell Mountain

Howell Mountain 2005 from Snooth

Has tasting notes from Napa Cab:

Tasting Notes - The Ladera Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon is a stunning wine totally in keeping with the excellent vintage and with the previous Ladera Howell Mountain Cabernets. It is fruit forward, with ripe aromas of the classic Howell Mountain black cherry, blackberry and plum hints which are intertwined with subtle oak nuances. On the palate, this wine is weighty but not flabby. The tannins are long, velvety and wet and are especially present in the wines mid-structure.

Below is the Napa Cab for comparison, having made an initial error!
Snooth has 7 reviews including winemaker notes:

The wine has aromas of blackberry and queen anne cherries; anise with a hint of bramble fruit in the background. The tannin structure is full and highly extracted, but soft and lush. This makes the wine enjoyable now, and should also age well for another 8-10 years

How were the processes of cold soaks, ambient (native) yeasts, and cultured yeasts executed?

In particular, was the cold soak on the Lone Canyon Cabernet a result of the slower start of the native ferment, or was a specific step taken to arrest the fermentation for five days?

Also, how did the mix of ambient (native) yeast and cultured yeast ferments work? Were cultured yeasts added in later in the fermentation? Or were some batches inoculated from the start?

Looks like the Lone Cabin scores a little better than the Howell Mountain (on CT). Must be the higher percentage of new French oak used makes a bit of difference?

According to CT, the Howell Mountain scored 88 points from Tanzer, and the Lone Canyon scored 90. I’m sure I could dig up the actual tasting notes, but I’m too lazy. For Tanzer, those are pretty good (if not spectacular) scores - add three or four points to convert to Parker scores.

WS tasting notes:

Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain 2005
Intense and gritty, offering dry, herb-laced tannins that show off a minerally, pebbly edge, ending with a leathery currant flavor profile, with tight-edged tannins. Best from 2011 through 2017. 3,900 cases made. –JL

Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley Lone Canyon Vineyard 2005
Dry, firm and tannic, this full-bodied red offers smoky plum, anise, blackberry, herb, mineral, loamy earth and cedary oak flavors, wrapped in a tight band of tannins. Complex and concentrated. Needs time. Best from 2011 through 2017. 1,900 cases made. –JL

Both rated Very Good

Every 2005 CS that I have had I drank after the bottle shock wore off and they were absolutely fantastic. I know I could store these, but highly doubt I can resist!

Ladera 2005 Howell Mtn i’m all over this thanks WD! More 05’s for the cellar.

2 or 3?


I always wonder how someone that didn’t make the wine would know what the best drinking window is? Not that I’m knocking it, just curious.

He’s so deep! :tongue:

How many Black Ties does this make in a row for you? 4?

I’d also please like some pH and TA information. We know these are Napa Cabs in the Parker mould, with lots of blackberry, cassis etc juice flavours, and hice big tannins, rather than the more restrained European style. Yet it would be nice to now how balanced they might still be, or if they’re as alkaline as Hungarian rivers.

Edited to spell RP correctly, ha ha!

Hey gcdyersb,
The cold soak is something we do to start on all of the wines as they come into the winery. They are held at 55 degrees for 3-5 days depending on the lot just to get the skin and juice contact and increase the color and extraction. After that we turn the tanks off and let them start to warm up. Usually (about 75% of the time) the fermentation will start on its own with the native yeast, (this is a good percentage for Napa wineries). We will then let it go and monitor it to see if the ferment starts to slow down. If it really starts to slow then we will consider inoculating with regular yeast. If it never starts then we will def get it going. Luckily, like I said earlier, most of the time it is not a worry and everything ferments naturally, but like with everything you have your problem child that needs a little extra boost. I hope this answers your question.

Ah, I didn’t know that… I’d heard people talking about the idea on these boards, but thought it wsa an idea, never having seen the graphic! Or maybe my memory is just pickled.

Is this wine filtered? Tempting offer, I’ll have to wait for more opinions.