Lady Gaga Heartbeats In-Ear Headphones

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Lady Gaga Heartbeats In-Ear Headphones
Price: $29.99
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Check out this “good” review over at cnet

Amazon has a lot of good reviews

I haven’t tried these headphones, but I do have a pair of Earth Wind & Fire Gratitude in-ear headphones, and have been impressed. Initially, the buds were rather strong on the treble and flat in the base, with decent midrange, but that all improved as the headphones were burned in. The ones I have have such exquisite fidelity that I have heard tones and notes in music that I’d never heard before with other products. The most important range, midrange, while flat at first, really showed its stuff once burned in. They’re still a bit strong on the treble, but that’s easily remedied by adjusting your computer’s equalizer- Most problems encountered when dealing with sound hardware can be assisted via an equalizer. In any case, if these are anything like the Gratitude ones I have (although mine also has a microphone), $35 (and that’s including shipping now), is a STEAL!! I’d do more research first, though. My Monster Gratitude phones have two sound drivers, and 12 sets of buds, allowing me to find the most perfect ones for my ears… something I’d never managed before.

In any case, Tentatively, w/o additional info, I’d say go for the buy!! Monster has proven their ability in manufacturing excellent earphones already… and that includes quality- you’re not going to see things falling apart easily on these.

Be aware… My father is a multimedia engineer, and even if I can’t afford decent media systems myself, I did learn much about how things are supposed t sound from his tinkers installing only the best media systems and adjusting them to perfection. I also have perfect pitch.

So… suspecting these have, perhaps somewhat lower quality than the Gratitude ones I have, I’d say you’re getting one of the best earphone bargains you’ll ever encounter.

I purchased some of these headphones in black as a male. The look of them was actually more masculine than you’d imagine in black. And I liked how shiny they were.

The sound on these dudes are really quite nice. It’s definitely apparent that the quality of these in-ears’ are way higher than any at this price.

The flaw of these babes are the fitting and design of the triangular guys. It may just be my small ears, but whenever I wore these, the metal triangle would be sitting or pushing up against the top of my ear half-circle thing. Lobe? I dunno, the harder part where wrestlers get Cauliflower ear. Anyway, I tried every configuration but it just became too uncomfortable to wear these when any sort of walking, moving, or gyrating was involved.

For casual listening at a desk or in a car, they were fine and didn’t make my ear sore.

So, take it from a male with smaller ears, they rub against your ear parts if you have smaller half-circle ear canal buddies.

Other than that, the sound really was quite amazing.

Looks fifty 10nt/10
Sound dr.dr8/10
Comfort 1direction/10
Worth it? Ya, I would say it was.

No extended warranty available?

Sorry, no. It’s below the price point that SquareTrade allows.

I agree. I can’t tell if that first…lengthy…review is a joke or not. I mean, burn in? Are you kidding me?

Burn-in is talked about quite a bit in our forums. You can google for more info about it.

Burn in is a myth… see this helpful articule from Wired’s Gadget Lab. Let the flames begin…