Lady of Spain, Matadore You

Not another cream ugh!

Ugh, they add the 3x shirts and none have been good!

cute design… are we sure its cream this time?
pink would work.


Too feminine to me.

Cool but not my thing.

Product description tonight is full of win.

wow just when i thought a woot shirt couldn’t get any lamer

I"m confused…the description says to “Wear this shirt: to show the sensitive side of ritualized cattle torture,” but I don’t see any ritualized cattle torture depicted in the shirt :frowning:

looks like a marshalls find!

Whats with this cream color?

Sooo many creams!

Great style, I hope more of his work will be printed here. (I can’t buy this one because of an aversion to Cream, which prevents a surprising number of Shirt.Woot purchases lately…)

Love it, actually bought it for my sister. Sadly, my first woot and it was on something everyone here thought was lame.

I think it’s wonderful. Though I agree, the cream is a bit much.

I like this one quite a bit. I don’t know why all of you are bitching so much…the design’s clever and it’s a very unique shirt. The art is excellent too.

interesting concept, don’t like the color though (plus I bought the sputnick shirt last night for my shirt.woot of the month…)

because we have a keyboard.

Love it

Very Funny

bad color though

It’s TGentry. I’ll buy it, just so i can say “HEY, I OWN I T-SHIRT YOU MADE. NOW TEACH ME PHOTOSHOP.” Not sure how well it’ll work, but it’s worth a shot…

I like the design, but I wouldn’t wear it on a shirt.

ps: I like creme colored shirts, they make me look tan. :smiley: