Lament of the Kiwi

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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Congrats, loops!!!

Congrats infinityloop :smiley: I still think this kiwi is just so deliciously drawn. Let’s see if it’ll be 3 sellouts in a week now :slight_smile:

oh goodie, this makes it easier to not-care-at-all for the rest of the weekend

cool, love the colors!!!

I got mine ordered! Glad I stayed up tonight.

ok, that’s cute. if I’m feeling spendy I’ll buy one when I wake up in the morning

Great design! I’m in for one. Fantastic!

Congrats, cute design.

This is the best shirt ever! I cannot wait for it to come!!!

Prattville, AL …? ha ha. it’s a joke, right?

Glad I stayed up b/c this is SO gonna sell out!

meh…there’s something about this design…I don’t know. Very well done, I like it but…I just don’t know. Congrats infinityloop :wink:

In for 2. :slight_smile:

I love Kiwi birds and I love Kiwi fruit… Instant win! ^^

I’d buy this, but not enough people would get the joke upon first glance. Explaining the shirt always kills it.

Good shirt, but I just can’t buy this.

Killer kiwis. Congrats on the great print!

No, it’s not. Why?

Just the design I wanted! I’m in :slight_smile: