Lament of the lost

All that I did wrong was doing nothing right
All that I have brought is well deserved
To wither in self pity and loathing of love is to cast aside the blessing from above

I abandoned my love and have lost my life
Seeing now, you can be in the same room yet separated by a great divide
To feel the anguish of your loss, the grief of your loneliness
That is me

The error of my ways are all plain to me now
They sting like driving rain
I drove you away through indifference and neglect
I put me before you or us, not understanding
We should have talked but I was blind
Driving you to others for what you seek
While I lived in a dream

Then anger and betrayal I felt and I was consumed
By the memory that was you
You can not put off love for it fades to the darkest night in the brightest day
Love must be earned, its price is love and if you can not pay your lover will run away
you can say I’ll be with you later but its now the need arises.
Love is internal you think but its not
For if my love does not come then someone, anyone will and only I am to blame

Seeing you now as you are, wanting only
That one thing that must be provided
Not ask for, not sought, but given without thought
If I had a chance to try again
The lessons of today I will hold dear
To guide my way

dude, call your buddies and hit a strip club! you’ll forget all about her!

I think I understand what you are going through.

Don’t “shoulda” on yourself. You will only get yourself dirty.

Take a deep breath, follow it and let it out.

Think of the here and now.

Look at your current blessings.

Look forward to a wiser tomorrow.

//applauds quietly