Laminate Your Life

Man, now I wish I had something I needed to laminate.

There’s ALWAYS something to laminate.

Does anyone have one of these are they good quality machine.

What I want to know is: what’s the difference between the several different 9" machines? I get that they can all laminate a legal-sized thing.

What makes a Photo and Document laminator a photo laminator? What’s the difference between hot and cold, and just hot? (I know the difference, but when would you want to use cold?)

What’s the difference between the EZ and the others?

Some seriously missing specs and/or descriptions here!

I can answer the hot vs cold: There are some things you may want to laminate that are heat sensitive such as vinyl, photographs, precious documents, etc.

Looking through them, it seems the difference is the thickness of the laminating material they can accept.

Hope that helps.

The Royal Sovereign EZ-9 9" Laminator will look perfect next to my Commodore 64 and dot matrix printer.

clear packing tape works amazingly well for a laminated look on some things, I used it for my cruise luggage tags. worked great.