Lamont Bedding

If they were quilts, I would make a purchase but they are Bedspreads. Are they coming back in style or is this a goof?

Hi, I am with the manufacturer. Not a goof, but serious high end quality manufactured products! Traditional bedspreads are a great layering piece for beds, or a great item for warm weather. The classic look continues to be a favorite with consumers!

We had a custom made bedspread many years ago. No one is using them today that I know of. I’m sure they’re high quality, we just don’t use bedspreads. We use quality quilts with shams, bedskirts and pillows to match.

Thank you for explaining but my wife and I aren’t interested and we buy a lot from Woot.

Actually, I prefer a bedspread or long quilt. For those of that need to wash frequently for allergens, it’s much easier to throw the bedspread in the wash than to disassemble the bed to get the bed skirt and any other accoutrements off.

My question, though, is what colors are which? The pictures do not indicate which is which. I am looking for a light blue. I was interested in the Nadine Bedspread, Queen, and not sure what London Fog is.

I just thought of another question. I have two ways to wash for allergens. The first is to use cold water and a special soap. The second is to use the allergen setting on the front loader. It heats the water sufficiently to kill dust mites. Will the bedspread be able to handle the high heat?

The Nadine bedspread is actually reversible. The London Fog is a light blue base and the Silver Mink is more of a beige.

I wouldn’t wash any bedding in a very high heat.

The Diamante king says “set”, but I just want to be sure of what that means before purchasing. Are shams part of this set. It doesn’t seem to specify further what is inclusive of set.

Sorry for the late reply. I just emailed our buyer to see if we can confirm. I checked out Overstock and Bed Bath & Beyond and wasn’t able to come up with anything. I’ll update my post when I have the details. :slight_smile:

Update: see rep’s response below. Info has been forwarded so it can be added to the sale. Thanks!

Also wondering if this item includes shams or if it only the spread. Thanks.

Hi, Sorry for the delay. The Diamante is a set. The set includes a coverlet and two shams. The Queen size includes Standard size shams and the King Size includes King Shams.

So, seriously … what is a sham? Does this set include sheets or are sheets something that are usually sold separate with more expensive ‘sets’?

A sham is a pillow cover that matches or coordinates with the bedspread or other bed cover.

Sheets are not included in these sets.