LaMont Home Kora Medium Jar

Oh, gosh! This is way more confusing than the two sizes of bathroom benches the other day!
There are two jars for sale, a large one and a medium one, and both listed for the same price ($19.99 - which seems kinda high to me).
Intrigued, I checked them out:

  • The description in Features are identical, and describe a size Medium
  • The Dimensions in the Specs are identical
  • In the Box promises a size that matches the name of the item.
    (At this point I wouldn’t know what to expect in the box.)
    Anyway, I heard that you put these little mysteries in here, NOT to drive me crazy as I first thought, (just like that other site tried to do but couldn’t), but to see who was really looking at your merchandise. Is that true? Because I heard the dedicated wooter who finds these “easter eggs” is awarded a HUGE woot gift certificate. I mean, I am expecting this to be an urban myth! ‘There’s no WAY woot gives that much!’ I said to myself. Really, it was for, like, a hundred bucks or something!
    Of course I couldn’t take such a generous offer. I only point out this tiny discrepancy because I know how much your image matters to you.
    And it was a chance to practice my formatting. Thanks!!!

Thanks for the heads up, the offer(s) have been updated:

Medium Size
• 5.25" H x 4.5" W x 4.5" D
Large Size
• 6.5" H x 4.5" W x 4.5" D

As for the gift certificate, I dunno…