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Lite Source LS-22332 Kyla Desk Lamp

Requires 1 x 8 Watt LED-Base LED-Type bulb (not included)

How are we supossed to find that led bulb…?

Um, like
this? Note, however, that that particular bulb would need a bit of magic to fit in the lamp in question…

I got the same lamp. It does include the bulb.

Hey, Woot:

The description for the Lite Source LS-22332 Kyla Desk Lamp states that it takes 1 x 8 Watt LED-Base LED-Type bulb. In looking at that particular bulb type, I’m a bit perplexed as to how one would fit in this tiny desk lamp’s receptacle. Is this an error in the description?

We just heard from the vendor. Here’s what they had to say, “This Led Desk Lamp comes with LED Panel (not like an incandescent bulb) and this panel light is built into the body of the lamp and actually comes with the lamp and so there is no need for a consumer to purchase any kind of bulb for this lamp. The life on this LED panel bulb is about 30,000 hours so we are talking about 12-15 years of use.”

Hope that helps!

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