Lamps, Room Screens, and Throws

but… but… that isn’t even a picture of Brooklyn, let alone a picture that shows “then and now”.

(that’s the flatiron building, and thus the flatiron district in manhattan!)

In addition, the sign is for the London Underground roundel, not the NYC subway! Who designed this?

Heh, guess we know why we got a good price on it. :shy:

I had the same concerns at vplakhi and theglassrat, so I did some investigating. Turns out that Brooklyn has its own Flatiron building. As for the Underground, there is a comedy club there named Brooklyn Underground, but I think they have a different logo.

So is the ORE 9300T-BK-GN 33" Black-Yellow Table Lamp black and yellow (as the name says) or black and green (as the item code says, and as it appears to be in the picture)? Because Ore sells a black and yellow model, but its item code is 9300T-BK-YW.

Same goes for the “gray-yellow” model, which also bears the “GR” item code.

Ugh… Woot outsourcing writers now?

“This four panel room divider with the transient progressive city theme will not help create privacy while increase partition or define a space to any room or space you desired, but also add a touch of style to your home decor. The ambience of this room divider is a must have for any art fans or those who enjoyed a city view.”

Has anybody used the Bedford Cottage Amherst throw? Is it comfortable?