Lancaster Estate Alexander Valley Red Wine - 2 Pack

Lancaster Estate Alexander Valley Red Wine - 2 Pack
$89.99 + $5 shipping
1 2007 Lancaster Estate Sophia’s Hillside Cuvée
1 2005 Lancaster Estate Nicole’s Proprietary Red
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Lancaster, PA??

No, Lancaster Estate is in Healdsburg, CA.

Great winery, with top quality reds and staffed by just some awesome people.

My wife and I received a private tour of the winery a few years ago and met the winemaker. Had the chance to taste some wine right from the barrels.

We have a couple of Lancaster Reds cellaring right now and I’ll be adding these to the collection.

EDIT: Never mind. That’s for the cab sauv.

The 2005 sells for $89.99
on winery website its $100

the 2007 sells for $42 on winery website

Checking in from the Estate…long day finishing up harvest the next couple of days – in fact our winemaker Jesse has a bit of a break today – so he plans to check in / chat with all your “Wooters”(?)

Today’s Black Tie special features two Estate Grown, Bottled and Produced wines – currently only sold/available direct from our winery in the Alexander Valley. Nicole’s is a selection of the 20 best barrels from each vintage…while the Sophia’s ( 90 pt rated - WE ) is a hillside blend of CS, M…occassionally a dash of CF.

Jesse and I look forward to sharing our wines, fielding your questions…leaning more about you and the rest of the Woot community…


Great start! We will come up with plenty of questions for you and we greatly appreciate your participation. :slight_smile:

For starters, how long can/should we cellar these for?

Since this is unfiltered is it safe to say that this is going to be a high sediment wine?

I’ve never understood it but I’ve heard that some people think there’s a taste advantage to unfiltered wines, would be nice to know how much sediment we’re talking about though.

King…thanks for adding a few of our wines to your collections. Cheers and enjoy…

thanks for clearing up the PA question to…we are in the Southern end of Alexander Valley – heart of Sonoma County…super group of people…serious about wine…yet not too serious about ourselves – hope to see you back on your next trip to wine country

Nicoles 2005 — 8-10 years

Sophia’s 2006 – 4-6 years

Patience is a great virture with these wines…they really dial back the firmer cocoa tannins to more relaxed, elegant and leathery tannins. Big yet very elegant wines – enjoy

dude hes just the owner, the wine maker is on a cruze…jk!
lame call back joke.
i do love the winery participation here from the start, even a phone number. im ordering just based on that. lots of confidence in their product

Lancaster Estate on Yelp

Lancaster Estate on Snooth

Video: Gettin’ the “Dirt” on Lancaster Estate

Dan Ganshirt from WinetrippingTV interviews Jesse Kats from Lancaster Estate. Jesse sponsors Video Vocabulary Of Wine “Terroir” and talks about the exciting things happening at the winery.

Take a break: Steam Cleaning Wine Barrels with Jennifer Higgins of Lancaster Estate

Great questions…our goal is to maintain the integrity of the wine / site. All estate grown bottled and produced wines – so no one else in the globe can replicate these wines. The unfiltered winemaking choice – maintains textural and flavor components that can be stripped out in filtering. Keeping it true

Pardon - are those times from release date or from today?

Wooters… checking out from the Estate… been long days with harvest …need to get some rest. Back at you in the morning… thanks for the interest and warm welcome…“see you all in the morning”…over and out from the Alexander Valley.


all good…from vintage date…

Exactly my question.

I am tempted to do this deal and will consider it a little more. However, I may have to go on a SIMWBF soon. I will scratch my chin till later today.

Hello All,

Finishing up the 2010 harvest here at Lancaster Estate, and going home for the night. Great questions, so here is a quick breakdown of these wines.

All Lancaster Estate Wines are fermented with the native yeast found in our vineyards, and naturally balanced with acidity. Meaning we don’t inoculate with anything, and we don’t acidify our wines. What you are drinking is nothing but the free run of our unique hillside vineyards and nothing else. Because all of our wines are unfiltered, we age are wines in 100% French oak for 18-24 months in our estate caves. For those who have not visited, please come, it’s truly amazing. Once I feel the wines are ready, we bottle the wines just outside our cave on the estate. All wines are made in small lots and then hand crafted to make these beautiful wines you will try here. These are truly unique wines that change with every glass. They have amazing structure and depth, with balanced layers and layers of tannin. A wine that will shine with some aging, and will keep you thinking from the first glass to the last. Hope this helps, and I’ll check in with you all when I get back to the Estate tomorrow. Hope you enjoy!

Jesse Katz - Winemaker

Would purchasing this black tie buy make a monkey out of me? :wink: