Land of the Fries

meh its okay :confused:

And the home of the burrito.

Congrats Walmazan!

Either Miss Liberty has been indulging quite a bit or she has a baby bump.

Not to be confused with Lord of the Flies.

No ketchup?

Tasty with ketchup.

No thanks, I’m on a diet.

This would go well next to that “United Tastes of America” burger shirt. Kind of a his and hers or something.

I’d like to substitute a Boca patty, please.

Maybe if she was holding a beer. Don’t get me wrong, I love milkshakes and malts, but a burger and fries go down much better with the malts in a frosty brew.

This shirt makes me crave for In N Out right now …

Give me your grease, your trans-fats, your masses of ground “meat”

Reminds me of “The Triplets of Belleville”. :smiley:

I’d say this one is jollier, less snarky though.

I was confused by the description. I thought it was going to be funny. This was just a depressing description of the exact situation modern America is in right now. It’s making me feel like my life is a hollow void without true or lasting value…

Now I’m craving some comfort food. Ooh, there’s a Meaty-Bun-Bun just down the block! MMMMMmmmmm, Meaty Bun Burgers, my favorite.


My girlfriend and I both wanted this shirt, and normally, we settle our disputes through Rock, Paper, Scissors (I’ve been on a horrible losing streak).

This time, I convinced her that it’s a shirt that requires someone to stare in order to get the joke and put it into her head that people would be staring at her boobs, so…

Score 1 shirt for me!!

Edit: To whoever mentioned In-N-Out Burger,
I just had some a few hours back, twas good eats.

Definitely order your burgers with whole grilled onions and have your fries come well done (…and don’t forget the spread) my friends, you won’t regret it. :9

Those are Freedom fries, right? I mean I know the Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French and all, but just sayin’…

Edit: hmmm I should have checked the writeup first, apparently I won’t be wearing this shirt. :wink:

worst. 48 hours. ever.

After that ridiculous arrested development crap or whatever it was, now this? Another tired stab at American obesity? What has shirt woot come to. Blech.

Look at all those huddled masses!