Landmann 22" Pizza Kettle Charcoal Grill

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Landmann 22" Pizza Kettle Charcoal Grill
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Belated April Fools? Wow. * Wow.*

Just for you, TT…
Product Page with Vids!

I had no idea I needed a kettle for pizza.

I make pizza in the grill I have. This would probably be great for someone who doesn’t already have a grill

Mol’e. Seriously? 2 Benjies for a pizza grill? Can i borrow a benj or two?

I was looking for how hot this gets. In the second video he say “650° or higher”. That’s a bit dissapointing but not surprising given the materials.

It needs to get up to 900° or so for a shot at Neapolitan pizza, but 650° is better than home ovens can do, and not having to open it is a benefit.

Building a pizza oven would be better, but this is a lot easier, especially for renters.

I can get my oven over 550° running the broiler, so I’ll stick with that for now.

Here’s a PDF of the official Neapolitan pizza requirements.

You, of course, can make pizza however you want, but some of us like working on our pizza skillz and are looking for ways to up our game.

Or, if you already have an 18.5" or 22" kettle grill, you can get an insert at Amazon for $127, which works out about the same. A basic Weber 22" grill runs about $99. People who have them do seem to prefer them to making pizza in the oven.

for the non pizza purists amongst us who drink cheap beer and have too many cinderblocks theres always…

That looks interesting. After reading some of the reviews, ignoring those who aren’t looking for a pizza oven, I found references to some DIY versions and some modifications.

The most intriguing modification adds a second pizza stone above the pizza, which makes a lot of sense. The domed lid of the kettle is too far from the pizza and doesn’t retain heat that well.

This guy has a great idea. He has already worked out most of the kinks and it appears I could use my existing gas grill with a few simple modifications and using the same unfinished Saltillo tiles I already have in my kitchen oven. I could also utilize my smoke box for added flavor.

If your just looking for a grill buy it at WALLY WORLD. If you looking for something special try to buy it from local vendor. Ease of return, also you can be sure it’s what U want.

Got the Pizzaque from here a couple of weeks ago and am real happy with it. 700+ degrees.