Landmann Campfire Grill with Carry Bag

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Landmann Campfire Grill with Carry Bag
Price: $132.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Apr 16 to Monday, Apr 21) + transit
Condition: New


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Pretty cool item, I would have to think about the 42 pounds though. Might be easier to bring my small grill instead.

Was trying to figure the grill grate size,

I’m going to say it’s probably worth every nickle. But a hundred and thirty something is a bunch of dough right now. But… it that hanging thingy-ma-jig and that spike holder-thingy could be sold without the charcoal burner for say around $70, you’d get me in a flash!

It’s a nice post and a good offer, but I’m sitting this one out for now. Keep ‘em comin’ WOOT!

Product page $139.99

Woot $132.99

[MOD: Shipping is $57.]

I know this type of a grill as a “schwenker”. There is a whole grilling culture centered around these swinging grills. Perfect for cooking brats over a wood fire.

This is the real thing. These are big in the Saarland region of Germany. Good price. I’m getting one and recommending to my German friends.

Product page has $57 shipping. Woot has $5 shipping. Advantage: Woot. =)

Saarland, eh? I heard it was the Sudeten Germanski who had fallen for these. Hmm.

Has anyone found the size of the actual grill? What is the diameter?

I’m no math wiz but a radius of 10.5 = 346 sq. in. / 21" in diameter. after looking at the picture, that brings it to the right proportion. You wouldn’t want to load it up too heavy with a wood and a big ol’ pot of stew.

Here’s how to cook with a Schwenker
Looks pretty spiffy to me.

I cook over a wood pit all the time. I have used rocket stoves of various form, wood gasifiers, and a few other fire-cooking techniques. I just don’t get this, though. What makes this different than using a fire pit? How is this better than any other given method?

And for that matter… how is this particular product better than a $20 shepherd’s hook from your hardware store and $10 worth of chain standing next to a fire ring?

I don’t mean to sound critical, honestly. I totally dig different ways to cook outdoors. But I have to admit I just don’t get this one at all.


Yes, one could use alternative methods to hang the grill surface; tripods made with metal fence or sign posts work well. The appeal of this for me is not needing to round up supplies to build my own. As for the method of cooking, what makes “schwenking” different is that one keeps the grill surface in motion, or rocking or swinging, so to speak, so that the meat cooks evenly instead of one area always being in the hot spot of the fire. Plus, hanging around the fire taking turns keeping the grate in motion while imbibing cold, adult beverages is a great way to make friends. :slight_smile: Get it now?

What’s the basis for the $230 “list price?” The Landmann website shows it being sold for $140.

Oh… Never mind… The “list price” on woot apparently includes Landmann’s shipping cost. I get it.

When I was in Germany all of my German friends had grills like these. I almost laughed at how simple they were but the food they produce is the real deal. I would have bought one there but they were as expensive as my big Weber. $132 is a fantastic price.