Lang Wines for Summer

Lang Wines Sauvignon Blanc 6-Pack
$69.99 $̶1̶0̶9̶.̶0̶0̶ 36% off List Price
2012 Lang Wines Sauvignon Blanc, Amador County

Lang Wines Barbera 6-Pack
$72.99 $̶1̶3̶3̶.̶0̶0̶ 45% off List Price
2007 Lang Wines Amador County Barbera – Oakmont Vineyards
2010 Barbera, Amador County, Oakmont Vineyards

Lang Wines Amador County Zinfandel 6-Pack
$72.99 $̶1̶3̶3̶.̶0̶0̶ 45% off List Price
2010 Lang Wine Zinfandel, Amador County

Lang Wines 2006 Reserve Zinfandel 4-Pack
$59.99 $̶1̶1̶5̶.̶0̶0̶ 48% off List Price
2006 Lang Wines Reserve Zinfandel

Maaaaaaan, if I wasn’t already stocked full of Amador County Barbera I would be all over that Lang. Looks delicious!

Can’t believe they still have some of the 07 Barbera under cork for sale. We’ve seen this at least three times. Great QPR on that one, and Lang in general.

Can we get us some notes and stats on the '10 to compare to the '07?

My notes on the 07 Barbera:

8/30/2012 rated 87 points: This was pretty good stuff. Paid well with some grilled brats.

Nose: Nice baking spice, cinnamon, cloves and some nice dark cherries. Slight floral hint.
Taste: This one surprisingly evolved over time. Went well with the food with a little spice, decent body and some fruit. After sitting in the glass for a bit it really opened up and showed lots of delicious red fruits. Starts a little peppery, but finishes fruity with a hint of perceived sweetness (no actual RS here, just nice fruit).

Medium finish

If this offer was for only the 2007 I would be in, despite the fact I don’t need any wine right now. Just not sure on the 2010.

Again I wish there were more combinations available. Plus sales are the perfect venue for it - exact same wines but with more buying choices. For instance, a 6-pack featuring 2 each of the Zin, Barbera and SB (I would buy this one). Or a 6-pack with 3 Zin and 3 SB. Or a 4-pack with 2 Reserve Zins and 2 Barberas, etc.

EDIT: also should mention that I concur on the great QPR - I’ve had Lang’s '07 Barbera, '07 Zin, '08 Sausalito Zin and the '07 Apres, enjoyed them all and they all drink above their price-point!

I have enjoyed these wines from Lang. My palate and nose is not refined to determine individual flavors and aromas.
But I do now good wine from the not so good! And Lang is all good.
The 2006 Zin is fantastic. The 2010 is also very good. But for the $3.50 per bottle difference, I’d go for the 2006 Zin any day.
I am not fond of the Barbera due to its slight acidic taste, but this one loses the acidic bite in about 30-45 minutes from opening the bottle. And then it rocks.


I love the Lang Wine Barbera. It’s not often I can describe a wine at this price point as “tasty” but that’s exactly what the Barbera is. You almost want to smack your lips it’s so good. When the 6 pack mix was offered a while back, I was kicking myself for not ordering more just so I can get 2 more of the Barbera. I’m absolutely in for 1 on this.

Side note, these are screw top wines. Don’t be fooled as they are fantastic. Here’s a post from Bob Lang during the last offer.

"Failed corks and the taint of ‘corked wines’ historically make some 5% to 7% of all such bottled wines unpalatable, an unacceptable failure rate that should have made cork closures obsolete a hundred or more years ago. But the ceremony, history and tradition associated with wine ‘service’ can be as overpowering as the mandates of English history and English society are to the characters and life portrayed in PBS’s Downton Abbey. The history of wine goes back 6000-years! The earliest wines were drunk ‘fresh’ to avoid the inevitability of spoiled wine. The Egyptians used clay amphorae closed with cloth, leather and morter in an attempt to save the wines for future enjoyment. The Greeks floated olive oil on top of their wines to keep air away from the liquid surface. They also began using pine-pitch to seal the amphorae for long trips to distant markets by sea. (Those of us who have tasted Greek ‘Retsina’ likely understand the adverse qualities of pine tar as a wine closure). Cork has been the closure of choice since the days of the Roman Empire. The one thing that all wine closures throughout history share in common is that their sole purpose is to deliver a better product to the consumer. Witout any doubt what-so-ever, that superior closure today is a screw-cap.

-Bob Lang, Lang Wines"

If I can get some notes on the 2010 barbera, id be in for that 6 pack.
Seems like the 07 is pretty well established

Plus one. And congrats on the little one (don’t priorities suck?).


All this talk, I’m gonna grab an '07 Oakmont.

Are the TN’s for the '07 at release or current? Methinks at release, this has integrated far more than the notes would suggest.

The Barbara. I view Lang as one of the best finds in wine.woot recent memory.

I purchased the mix pack (Barbera/Syrah/Zin) back 6 months or so ago. Someone on here talked me into this one too (along with the Vino Noceto Sangiovese), so thanks to whoever that was. The wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the Barbera. It was maybe an '07 or '08, I can’t remember and I’m too lazy to look it up. Either way we really enjoyed it. I’m in on the Barbera, we quite enjoyed it.

Could not resist. In between jobs and SIWBM. But the 2006 Zin is sooooo good.


I know it’s not being offered here, but notes on a 2007 Lang Amador Zin I popped open last night:

Very nice Zin. A little hot on pnp, but the alcohol took a backburner after a few minutes in the glass. Nice dark, jammy fruits. Spice, pepper and a little oak to help balance out the jamminess. This was very pleasant wine. Paired well with chicken and steak fajitas and as a sipper afterwards.

I bet this stuff is great, but I ordered several weeks ago and still hasn’t shipped. No notice or anything. Beware if you order from them, you may be waiting for a while.

Sale started July 7th (2 weeks ago to the day). The woot plus deal normally runs for a full week. In this case it ran until the morning of the 14th, so no shipping would happen until after it closes.

Its been 5 business days since the sale closed, so it will probably go out early next week. Hope you enjoy, I have heard good things about the Lang QPR.

A bit longer for the woot plus deals if you buy when it first goes on sale.