Lang Wines Reserve Zin/Cab (4)

Lang Wines Reserve Zinfandel/Cabernet 1+3 Pack
$59.99 $103.75 42% off List Price
2008 Lang Wines Cabernet Sauvignon, Sierra Foothills, Goedeck-Liu Vineyard
2006 Lang Wines Reserve Zinfandel, Amador County, Oakmont Vineyards
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Oh boy! I would buy this in a heartbeat if I could! Yummy wine,

Agreed - Lang Zinfandels (and Barberas) are tasty wines with great QPR. I chose one of their '07 Zinfandels to go with our family’s Thanksgiving feast this year and it disappeared quickly.

Have only had the Lang Barbera, but it is a tasty mouthful!

I live in Utah so I can’t buy it no matter how much I cry over my keyboard for it. So, I have to instead wonder, like sober people might, why the label on the zinfandel bottle is lower than the rest of the bottles…It bugs me… :wink:

That one is '06 vintage, the others are '08. It’s a 3+1 deal.

Very little stats on the Cab and everyone has mentioned the Zin but how is the Cab anyone have notes?

Never tried the Cab, don’t think it has ever been offered here before.

yeah tried to find some reviews on the CAB under CT and nothing coming up. Also tried to look this up on the winery website but getting an error when I click on the wine under their store? I think I will hold tight see if anyone else comes on and comments on the CAB today

2011 Orange County Fair & Events Center
Commercial Competition
2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, Sierra Foothills, Goedeck-Liu Vineyard, 0.20%, $21.00

same here… i really want the zin… a shame the 1+3 pack wasn’t reversed… curious to hear more about the cab…

plus i already hit the yellow button on yesterday’s offering… :wink:

I pulled up a cached version of the winery page and it’s exactly the same as the features and specs listed here.

Good morning Wooters

Great day for our website to take a dive into oblivion! My apologies. Wish I could say the crash resulted from an inquiry overload, ala the ACA, but that’s just not the case. The webmaster, in a terse reply, says, “…we’re working on it.”

The two wines in today’s offering were both sourced from very ripe clean fruit that had been personally selected by Winemaker Mark McKenna and myself and crafted to emphasize the potential benefits to be gained from longer barrel and bottle aging. We ‘reserved’ 25-cases of each of the two wines for this project (after all, grape-growing & winemaking is supposed to be fun!)

Our 2008 Cabernet is from a high elevation, Sierra vineyard in El Dorado County; medium bodied, with aromas of coffee and blueberry, cherry/raspberry flavors and a sweet, smoky finish; the ‘extra’ time in the bottle has permitted the various components, tannins and acid to integrate into a well-balanced mature and very enjoyable wine.

In a similar fashion, the 2006 Reserve Zinfandel is just now coming into its own; sourced from Vicki Delpart’s 38-acre Oakmont Vineyards in Amador County, the grapes for this wine were chosen in late July, permitted to hang a little longer, and harvested on October 7th. A slightly longer than average 19-day cool fermentation was followed by 19-months of barrel aging in 2 and 3-year old Oak. We also blended with 10% Syrah to add a deeper color and greater complexity. Delicious, rich, big and pretty with a long juicy finish, this Reserve has exceeded our own high expectations. Enjoy!

  • Bob, Marsha & Darren Lang

What a coincidence, a bottle of this was staring at me from across my desk. Should I open it and taste? What the heck, it’s the holidays…

Now, you’d think that the WCC offices would have a plethora of corkscrews to choose from- not the case actually. I found a somewhat broken one in a drawer and tried to jimmy-rig it and open the bottle… and instead, pushed the cork in and squirted myself with Cabernet. Amateur hour over here… See the picture below (Ron, I provided for you as I know you enjoy a photograph of a cork…)

The wine is a nice dark purple- I know this because there are several spots of it on my white shirt.

The nose is dominated by dark berries and mocha with cherry and maybe a trace of mint? I know this because I currently am wearing the wine as a cologne.

I did manage to get some into a glass. Flavors of spicy, dark cherries with a bit of cranberry on the mid palate give way to soft but present tannins.

Good mouthfeel, nice acid. A well made wine- I don’t often think of the Sierra Foothills for Cabernet, but this is a solid wine, delivers at the SRP and killer at this price, IMHO.

With that, I’m off, in search of some seltzer water for my shirt…

QP all the way!

H2O2 also works well.

Payback for the Mirage Fizzy Cab. Haha, way to take one for the team Neil!

Neal handed me a glass of this not knowing it’s origin.

nose is where I give my litmus test on wines and this one was a clear Pass. Clean, well made no sign of the fake smell that is a dead give way for mediocre wines.

Taste similar Neil. Cherry, smooth not astringent. a brighter cabernet. unique.

I really liked it.

Lang always outperforms, IMO

oh, and nice shirt Neil.

Thanks everyone!

Marsha, Darren and Winemaker Mark McKenna and I would like to thank all the Wooters who purchased and enjoyed our wines in 2013. Your comments and enthusiasm have been sincerely appreciated. We look forward to sharing time with you again in 2014.

Enjoy the Holidays!

Bob Lang
Lang Wines