Lang Wines Sausalito/Lang Zinfandel (6)

Lang Wines Sausalito/Lang Zinfandel 6-Pack
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2008 Sausalito Zinfandel
2010 Lang Wines Zinfandel, Amador County
2011 Sausalito Zinfandel
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Those are some pretty extensive specs on the 2011 Sausalito.

Can’t expound on the “extensive” specs for the 2011 Sausalito Zinfandel but can confirm a group of us were able to try this tonight in Seattle. I confirm the alcohol % is 14.8%. Sourced from Amador County and made by Lang.

First decanted with partial aeration. Half the bottle was decanted. The other half was left in the bottle.

After 30 minutes, we tried the decanted/aerated portion. Very bright on the nose and palate. Nose hints of alcohol. Candied cherries predominated. A very narrow range of flavors that only affected the front palate. A very short finish.

After about an hour, we tried the wine from the bottle that had been left open. Alcohol was more prominent on the nose and the same candied cherries was very present on both the nose and palate. We all thought the QPR for this would be about $8/bottle.

I was also part of the Seattle tasting group that had the 2011 Sausalito Wines Amador County Zinfandel. As noted we decanted and aerated half the bottle, and left the remainder in an unstoppered bottle. We tasted the decanted portion first.

In the glass a brick color, semi-opaque, and moderate legs. Nose seemed to me to be typically zin, with cherry notes being most prominent and a bit of earthiness under the cherries. Also some detectable heat on the nose.

In the initial tasting the profile was definitely to the bright side, with the cherry notes still present. I thought I was picking up a bit of pepper. Also just a touch of tannin showing up after a couple of minutes.

Overall I thought the profile was pretty narrow - there wasn’t a lot complexity behind the forward red fruit notes; deeper or darker flavor elements were completely absent. Also the cherry-type fruit didn’t have a lot of complexity within itself. I also noted that all of the flavor profiled was developed to the front- and mid-palate, with little presence toward the back of my mouth.

We had some salami available, and tried it with the salami. That was a much better combination. The salami cut the bite and seemed to smooth out the profile.

As noted, about 30 to 45 minutes later we returned to the undecanted portion that had been allowed to sit in the open bottle. I enjoyed this more than the decanted. The flavor profile was a bit deeper and broader. Still noticeable heat.

Applying my “Trader Joe’s” scoring method, if I picked up a bottle of this at TJs to try out and paid $8, I would feel ok about the purchase, but I wouldn’t buy it again. Instead for the same money I would likely look for something else to try it out.

Overall, I felt this was a pedestrian zin at less than $10/bottle. Above that price it would be disappointing. And even at less than $10/bottle I wouldn’t feel moved to grab it off the shelf at a wine store.

Hello Wooters!

Bob Lang here; owner, founder (and chief floor sweeper) of Lang Wines. Haven’t worked many night shifts recently, but glad to be here to open the wine cellar for you tonight. Our offering today is not our 1st Woot rodeo; I’m happy to say we’ve been on point with Wooters often in the past few years and we’ve enjoyed them all.

Since 1983, Marsha, and I (and now with our son, Darren), have been making small lots of Zinfandel, Barbera, Sauvignon Blanc, and at times Syrah, Cabernet and Port from Sierra Foothill vineyards in Amador and El Dorado Counties. For 25-years, we and our Partners planted and grew 200-acres of Zinfandel, Barbera and Sauvignon Blanc on the El Dorado side of the South Fork of the Cosumnes River. California’s oldest Zinfandel vineyards are found here,in beautiful gold country mountain valleys. (You all know Scott Harvey, who was fortunate enough to own and resurrect the 150-year-old Grandpere vineyards a few years ago). Small, 3rd and 4th generation family owned vineyards above 1700-feet elevation thrive here in the Sierra’s deep granitic soils, enjoying classic warm California days and cool Sierra evenings; a 40-degree difference between day and night-time summer temperatures is not unusual.

Spicy rich full-bodied and mouth-filling Zinfandels from Amador County and the California Sierra Foothills define the character of this unique California varietal.

Our Sausalito Wines label was our original company name when we lived in that beautiful small waterfront village on San Francisco Bay. We now reserve that label for special limited release wines, such as the 2008 and 2011 Sausalito Wines in this offering. Both original artworks for these labels are by Sausalito Environmental Artist George Sumner whose works are known worldwide.

But it’s the wines inside that are Winemaker Mark McKenna’s work of art. These 2008 and 2010 Zinfandels (in our Lang Wines label) have both been awarded Silver Medals at the 2012 and 2013 San Francisco International and Orange County Fair Wine Competitions (the 2011 has not as yet been entered in competition). Each of these wines is a ‘keeper;’

I know that you will enjoy drinking and sharing these wines with the same appreciation and enthusiasm that we enjoyed making them.

Winemaker Mark McKenna and I look forward to responding to your questions and comments…in the morning.

Goodnight for now,

Bob Lang

My brief tasting notes on the 2008 Lang Sausalito Zin, from a previous wine.woot purchase:
Smooth, enjoyable Zinfandel that drinks well with or without food. Raspberries on the nose and palate with a little spice on the back end. This is not a big jammy Zin, it’s more delicate and subdued - the kind of Zin that might appeal to a Pinot Noir fan.

Thanks Bob and wine.woot! It was lovely to be able to share and discuss the 2011 Sausalito Wines Amador County Zinfandel with noslensj, jimjacks66 and friends.

The nose was bright. Cherries were dominate on the nose and the palate. It’s not a jammy or heavy Zin. I found the wine food friendly and more enjoyable with an little nosh. I agree with chipgreen, this is the type of Zin that might appeal to a Pinot Noir drinker.

I probably would have done that in reverse, trying wine from the open bottle after 30 minutes and then the decanted wine after an hour, for a better comparison of PnP vs. decanting.

Coincidently, while out to dinner with friends of ours, we happened to order this off of the wine list.

Our friends are wine lovers but have somewhat disparate tastes, she prefers whites, while he is more of a red wine fan.

We ordered the Sausalito Wines 2011 Zinfandel Amador County.

On pop and pour, I noticed minimal bouquet. With time, all I could appreciate on the nose was oak with some subtle red fruit, mostly cherry with maybe some raspberry.

The taste was light to medium and fruity. There was very little tannin. No bitterness on the back end whatsoever.

To my palate, it also lacked much complexity. My opinion however, was soundly in the minority.

My wife quite enjoyed it, and commented on the strong hint of caramel she got on the nose.
Our friends commented on the wine’s smooth, easy drinking character. Our friend who is mostly partial to whites was so impressed by the wine’s lack of offensive “red-wine” qualities that she wrote the name down in hopes of buying more.(What are the chances it would show up on Wine Woot a few days later??)

As the meal progressed, the wine served as a welcome accompaniment to the the artisan Pumpkin-sausage pizza, spring rolls and artichoke hearts I had with my meal. The most lingering characteristic continued to be oak on the nose and palate.

Overall, to my palate, the wine was pleasant and with the exception of some heavy-handed oakiness, was not particularly offensive.

It would serve as a good, if not particularly remarkable wine to serve with barbeque or Thanksgiving turkey. One could certainly do much worse but I cannot see myself seeking this wine out.

Bummer, have enjoyed Lang wine’s in the past, would have loved to try this one too.

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Very consistent with my impressions, and from your descriptions of your friends’ tastes I can easily see them reacting as they did.