Lange Estate Winery 2007 Domaine Trouvere Tempranillo - 4 Pack

Lange Estate Winery 2007 Domaine Trouvere Tempranillo - 4 Pack
$54.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 4 2007 Domaine Trouvere Tempranillo, Umpqua Valley
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A wine off?

It’s a Tempranillo Woot-Off!!!

Oh hell, this could be expensive. :tongue:

super confused here any insight? moderator maybe? whats this the wine-off and not woot-off?

CT link
If CT pricing is indicative of average cost, we have a 50% discount here…

And my first quality post, how could I not punch the big yellow oval?
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Have I mentioned that I find this site evil?

Last wooter to woot: silent7seven

Yes evil yet heavenly. With the slightest mention of El Jefe and Twisted Oak, I am in and first sucker!

crap… no sleep for me… I am really glad I don’t have to be at work tomorrow!!

Exactly what I was thinking. You stayed up late for this!

El Jefe…can you tell us about the style of this one? I don’t think I’ve met a Tempranillo that didn’t claim loads of fruit and earth!

Warm up the credit card…

Lights! Buy now! That is all.

Think there will be a BOW (Bag Of Wine) in todays Wine.Woot-Off??? May be better then a Box Of Wine though… who knows.

I am afraid of the tobacco notes… not my style… I like more fruit…

Sadly I can’t! You guys can’t ship to Mississippi. So no wine for me! This makes me a sad monkey! =(

oh well have fun everyone!

Interesting woot off. Can we get some specs on this wine? What is the drinking window? Should we lay these down, drink now, or both?


Oh lord, I still have 11 bottles of tempranillo from past woots…

I love the special Tempranillo Woot monkey icon!

Don’t give up!!! who knows what is next!

Not a long night’s sleep, that’s for sure.