Lange Willamette Valley Pinot Noir Duo

Lange Willamette Valley Pinot Noir Duo
$64.99 + $7.00 shipping
condition: Red
1 Lange 2006 Pinot Noir Reserve
1 Lange 2005 Pinot Noir Dundee Hills Estate

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Is this the stuff Artie Lange drinks…if so…I’m in for three!

Was really trying to compete to be first wooter, but damn that’s some expensive wine. It might be a whole day before I give in.

wow, a woot launch for wine?

$60 and $30 on their site so a pretty good deal though still one of the pricier woots.

Second wine woot in as many weeks!

Please excuse my wine-n00biness, but is Pinot Noir a good wine to cellar, or should I expect to throw a dinner party a week after it arrives?

ah so the real value here is the dundee hills pinot, 60$! interesting! I love me some expensive pinots! Anyone ever try this before? i want to hop on it!

I love Oregon pinot, but my wine coolers are totally full, along with 11 bottles in a rack, and I have 14 bottles that are supposed to show up in the next couple of weeks. I think I should pass but I really don’t want to. I’ll wait for the winemaker to talk me into it.

Wow, is this really a launch? Seems more like a countdown with the Sept. 07 “Release” Date.

Lange Estate Winery 2006 Pinot Noir Reserve
RELEASE DATE: September 1, 2007
HARVEST DATE: September 18 - October 25, 2006
AGING: 10 months in French Oak, approximately 20% new

Let’s see, 10/25/06 end-of-harvest, ~ 2 weeks of fermentation before casking puts production into early Nov. 06. Now add 10 mos of barrel time and you get Sept. 07. Has this wine even seen the bottles yet?

I was really surprised to see the '06 here already as well.

i haven’t had the 06 from this label but the 04 was excellent and the winery has an excellent reputation with the local wine drinkers!

oregon pinots are awesome. 99 erath vinyards is still my favorite!

does this mean we would be buying ‘wine futures’???

We are big northwest wine fans–we have about 1400 bottles of wine in our cellar and probably 85% are NW. Lange is a favorite of ours, especially the single vineyards like Dundee, and we have been in their wine club for several years. We had a fairly well known wine maker and his wife at our house for dinner last week and poured them a 2002 Lange Freedom Hill Pinot Noir–he was sitting back savoring it all evening. Don and Jesse Lange always do a top notch job. We are planning on driving down from the Seattle area to Dundee to a concert at Lange at the end of the month, so looking forward to tasting these there without breaking open the 3 sets we have just ordered.

Wasn’t this exactly what poor continent-hopping Loweeel was afraid would happen? An awesome pinot while he was away? Perhaps I am varietally confused but if not, Dna, you’ve got his back, right?

WineDavid, I was just thinking I have enough wine to last me a year, even assuming I throw 2 or 3 really big parties every quarter. Almost nothing could have tempted me to buy. Keyword ‘almost’. I don’t know how you figure out my weak spot week after week, but please do NOT reveal your strategy to that trendy little shoe shop in Solano Beach or I’ll be eating spam inside a cardboard box during my golden years. Although, to keep it all in perspective, I will be washing the spam down with a marvelous adult beverage and my shoes will be spectacular…

aww jeez. can’t remember what loweel was waiting for, but i think? it was a petite sirah. at least i hope so. either way -with AZ out and no wootlegging capabilities (yet!) i’m out this week. good thing though - i’d likely be out anyways with the price tag, but at least this way i can pretend its because of the shipping laws.

i do appreciate woot doing the spectrum of prices in wines though - with the lower priced armidas and mandolinos, and mid-ranged priced ty catons (all high quality!), and now a higher end offering. i’m out this week, but am glad to learn about whats special about these wines, and moreso, live vicariously through some of your tasting notes.

for-ward woot!

Not a Pinot Noir fan

is this bad?

I had a bad experience with a cheap 2006 this past weekend

try an expensive one. What’s your preference in flavors? there’s a good chance this one has more of an old world flavor coming from Oregon, but if you’re big into fruitier wines, pinot’s from santa barbra are great!

You are right, d! Loweel is a ps fan; I found the original post. Thanks and consider yourself officially off the hook!

This is not a noob question, Denmarkian. This is an excellent question vintners are asking themselves. See below -

"At the Pinot Noir Celebration Jean-Pierre de Smet of Domaine de L’Arlot maintained that in order to age Pinot Noir it “has to be a good vintage to age properly, but that doesn’t mean it will age well,” de Smet said. When asked directly “What makes a wine age?” his answer gained more applause that anything else that day. De Smet replied, “I don’t know.”

Isn’t it nice to know that, under certain circumstances, ignorance can put you in excellent company?

Welcome, Cold! Love having a fellow Seattleite on the boards! I often visit my Mom in Beaverton so when you’re going give me a PM and we can have a glass together!

Also, Lowell loves Petite Syrah - believe me, Iknow for sure! However, I adore PNs and I’m so irritated that I can’ get at least 1. But, unemployment isn’t conducive to wine purchasing…or shoes, either. (Nallie, we really MUST shop together sometime! Damn the torpedoes…full credit card ahead!)